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Citizens Bank Debit Card

Citizens Bank debit card can easily be opened without paying extra fees by the customers having a checking account in the company. The bank offers a wide range of card products (mastercard, credit & visa cards, etc.) and services with several benefits and rewards programs including debit card atm. It also provides security and convenient service with rewards points for everyday purchase.

Citizens Bank has introduced instant issue of new visa debit card for the customers. This service allows the new customers with checking account to activate the visa debit card immediately and start buying things on the next business day. This card is no longer resembled to the old and traditional one but is designed with a flat and smooth surface, raised numbers, symbols and letters. It can also be used for transaction at any ATM and is accepted at millions of locations around the world. You get advantages like 100% Fraud Protection, Warranty Manager, and Roadside Dispatch. And in case, if the customer's debit card is lost or stolen his/her money will be safe as the company has a Zero Liability Protection against the unauthorized transactions.

Citizens Bank debit card customers can go for free enrollment to use online banking service with bill pay facility. The consumers can also contact at 1-800-922-9999 for various account enquiries including debit card change pin number and the withdrawal limit. Here, the clients of the company can follow the three easy steps to enroll for debit card products.

1. Customers with checking account can apply online.
2. By phone at 1-877-360-CIRCLE
3. In person by finding the nearest Citizens Bank branch.

Citizens Bank issues different types of debit cards. The variety of its products is given below along with their features and benefits.
  • Everyday Points Rewards Debit Card - one can earn rewards and points from everyday purchase, banking and checking accounts for gift cards, traveling, merchandize, etc.
  • Green$ense Debit Card - pay yourself up to $120 a year for making electronic purchase.
  • Citizens Bank Debit Card - Best mode for purchases without carrying cash, writing checks, etc.
To get more information on Citizens Bank debit card and its products and also to avail the benefits associated with them you can visit the bank branch near you or login to the bank's official website.

Citizens Bank Debit Card Rewards

Citizens Bank offers a variety of reward programs for debit and credit card customers to make their banking system more fruitful. The customers can earn rewards and points with everyday purchases and banking activities. More rewards can be earned with the combination of debit and credit cards. It is possible to earn rewards even through bill payments.

The rewards can be redeemed, which can be used for merchandizing, vacation, traveling (air tickets), gift cards, and even cash back facility. For further information on Citizens Bank debit card rewards and memo you can visit the nearest banking center or login at the bank's official website.

How to Activate Citizens Bank Debit Card

How to activate Citizens Bank debit card is what people often ask about and most of the customers of the bank enquire to the customer service representative. Activation of Citizens Bank debit card can be done in three simple steps.
  • Call activation number at 1-800-527-1800.
  • Activate new debit card by PIN-based purchase at any merchant.
  • Use PIN (Personal Identification Number) at any ATM.
The customers can contact through a toll free general assistance or Citizens Bank customer service number at 1-800-922-9999 to enquire for more information on visa debit card, and others related products.

The customers who wish to know more on Citizens Bank debit card and its images can view the same from the bank's official website provided below.



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