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Citizens Bank Deposit

Citizens Bank deposit is similar to that of savings account and it is offered under Personal Banking and Small Business Banking services. The above business lines also provide the banking products such as checking, savings, money markets & CDs etc. The Commercial Banking section of the bank helps the customers with a variety of personal deposit account verification service under the third party clients acting on behalf of the customers. The services include federal/state agency personal deposit verifications, audit confirmations, re-verifications /audits, commercial credit investigations, personal deposit credit references, and its verification for mortgages. The bank offers competitive interest rates and secure program with FDIC insurance.

The customers can contact for all types of enquiries by mail except for audit confirmations and credit investigations. The mailing address for the above services is.

Citizens Bank
Deposit Account Verification
ROP 225
PO Box 42011
Providence, RI, 02940
Deposit Account Verification Services

The bank has helpful account management tool called direct deposit, designed for the convenience of the customer's to maintain their accounts. The company also issues deposit slip for every payment made by the customers. This printed slip will be the evidence and proof for the customers in case any problem arises with the payment made by the customers. You can ask for a slip print if the bank does not provide you the same at the time of your payment. Citizens Bank also has secure deposit boxes for the customers to drop their checks and related papers. The consumers of the bank can find out the availability of this account from the nearest Citizens Bank branch. At the same you can also enquire about the availability of night deposit account facility.

Citizens Bank Direct Deposit

Citizens Bank direct deposit is one of the most convenient bank account management tools. Being a customer of the company you can apply for varieties of account management tools like direct deposit, telephone banking, online bank account management, personal bank account management professionals, supermarket banking and online check re-ordering. Direct deposit can also help you to switch from one option to another in order to make your payment easier.

Citizens Bank direct deposit can help the customers to directly pay from checks including payroll and Social Security check into their accounts. It saves time and energy by preventing the customers from visiting the bank branch or standing in a long queue. Direct deposit helps the customers to withdraw funds on the same day and with this facility they no longer need to wait for the checks to clear. This tool can also help the customers to build savings quickly and easily if the portion of money is directly deposited into their savings or investment accounts. It is very much related with the Citizens Bank routing number for domestic wire transfer (231373069).

For further information on Citizens Bank direct deposit, you can visit the nearest banking center or contact the general assistance at 1-800-922-9999, or you can login to the bank's official website.



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