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Citizens Bank Credit Card

Citizens Bank Credit Card service got strengthened with the purchase of the credit card business section of the People's Bank, headquartered in Bridgeport, Connecticut by RBS, the parent of Citizens Financial Group Inc., in 2004. Citizens Bank credit card offers great rates and rewards programs that are sure to fit all your needs.

Citizens Bank credit card can broadly be classified into two types - Personal and the Business. It can further be divided into different cards according to the uses and the benefits it gives to the customers.

Categories under Personal and Business Credit Cards that can fit your day to day needs with their characteristic features are given below.

Personal Credit Card

  • Everyday Points Platinum Rewards Mastercard
  • Greensense Platinum MasterCard
  • Accelerator Platinum Mastercard
  • CashBack Platinum Mastercard
  • Platinum MasterCard
Certain features and benefits of the personal credit card are no annual fee, 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for the first 12 billing cycles, no liability for lost or stolen cards, free 24X7 online account management, etc. Interested customers can apply for this service through online application or by calling the customer service representative at 1-888-333-5145. The customer with the credit card account can also apply in person by visiting the nearest banking center. The bank also provides this facility for the students with Student Money Bundle and Greensense programs. Citizens Bank Student Credit Card is actually a debit card that earns points and cash back rewards and offers discount with every purchase. This service is a secured and protected one.

Business Credit Card

  • Business Debit & ATM Cards
  • Everyday Points Business MasterCard
  • Business Platinum MasterCard

The features of business credit card include payment for business expenses everyday, worldwide acceptance at over 28 million locations, no annual fee, 0% APR on purchases for six months, etc. The customers of the bank can visit the local Citizens Bank branch or call at 1-888-727-5006, the representative phone number to apply for the service. You can also apply through online application. It also has credit and debit card processing solutions for visa.

All the above mentioned cards have competitive rates and rewards for everyday points with the customers earning on everyday purchases and banking relationships. There is no limitation in earning points by the customers while making purchases and availing banking services. Customers using this service can avail the benefits and facilities provided by the bank and enjoy a high lifestyle.

Citizens Bank Credit Card Login

Citizens Bank credit card login is the entrance for online access to your account. To access this service, the customer should have a login ID and password. The online service will help you to make a payment for different purpose and pay bill in time. It also allows you to get an account statement and check reward point status instantly besides fulfilling your online bill pay requirements. Moreover, with this service you can manage your account 24X7 from the office or at home. To sign in for this service and for assistance you can contact the customer service department at 1-800-684-2222.

Citizens Bank Credit Card Services

Citizens Bank credit card services are fully secure and completely safe as it is protected under Citizens Bank Online Guarantee program. It also protects your account from theft and fraud. There is complete transparency between the customers and the customer service representatives during the execution of a task you have requested for. For your satisfaction you can check the reviews given by other clients of the bank regarding its products and services. You can also visit the following service center to find out more information regarding the service hours and many more.

Citizens Customer Service Department
PO Box 7092 Bridgeport, CT 06601
Service hours:
Mon-Fri: 7AM-1AM EST
Sat-Sunday: 7AM-12AM EST

The Citizens Bank credit card payment address is given below.

Payment Address:
PO Box 42010
Providence, RI 02940-2010

Citizens Bank MasterCard

Citizens Bank MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. All the Citizens Bank card products are issued by RBS Citizens, N.A. The bank also issues student and secured credit card with a secured processing solution. Customers are provided with online service and also gift card balance, rewards, points, etc. You can check out the MasterCard products within the Personal and Business sections that have appeared in the beginning of the content, e.g. CashBack and Platinum MasterCard.

For further information you can visit the bank website provided below.



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