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Citizens Bank Mortgage Rates

Citizens Bank mortgage rates always keep on fluctuating with the present economy condition. The company offers a variety of affordable loans to suit the varying needs of the customers. The mortgage loan rates are subject to change at any time before or after the customers open an account. Moreover, the variety of mortgage products and rates from the company may vary from product to product and from one state to another state. For example, the interest rates for Massachusetts (MA) may not be similar with those for the Rhode Island (RI), etc.

Generally, mortgage rates from Citizens Bank are offered with lower interest rates. They have also introduced added benefits for the mortgage customers enrolled in Circle Gold Banking with 1/8% off in their mortgage rate. This financial company offers a wide array of home loans, home equity loan and home equity line of credit (HELOC) with low rates (3.25% as of 09-30-2010).

Citizens Bank mortgage products have several benefits, such as no penalty for prepayment, low down payment, amortization, large loan (jumbo), etc. It helps the clients refinancing needs with the low refinance mortgage rates. The company also has mortgage calculator to help the customers in choosing the right types of loans possible and to show today's loan rates.

Citizens Bank Current Mortgage Rates

Knowing Citizens Bank current mortgage rates will help you in choosing the right mortgage loans for your needs. Given below is the chart for Citizens Bank mortgage rates as of 10-12-2010.

Product Rate APR
Fixed Rate
30 - Year Fixed Rate 4.375% 4.414%
15 - Year Fixed Rate 3.875% 3.943%
Adjustable Rate (ARM)
7/1 Adjustable 3.500% 3.268%
5/1 Adjustable 3.125% 3.080%
3/1 Adjustable 2.875% 3.019%

To get more information on Citizens Bank mortgage current and today's rates you can login at You can also find the nearest bank branch to check the current mortgage rates or the rate of the day. This can also be done by calling the loan officers at 888-514-2300.

Citizens Bank Mortgage Rates Massachusetts

Citizens Bank Massachusetts offers one of the best mortgage rates in the country. The mortgage home loans from Massachusetts (MA) can help you to purchase a new home in the state or any part of the country which you like the most. Mortgage loans with lower interest rates are also available in the cities and states like Boston, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA), New Hampshire (NH), New York (NY), Michigan (MI), Ohio, Connecticut, Rhode Island (RI), etc.

You can also find out more information on Citizens Bank mortgage loans lender by visiting the nearby banking center. Use your login ID and password to get the same information much faster and more conveniently.



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