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BB&T Visa

Branch Banking and Trust Company visa have unmatched facilities and benefits specially designed for the customers only. BB&T credit cards and merchant services including MasterCard are issued by BB&T Financial, FSB, which is a subsidiary of the company. They are the leading providers of prepaid card programs and visa card services with complete turn-key prepaid solutions for different companies in the nation. BB&T provides online services to the visa customers for a variety of purposes, and purchasing online with MasterCard is a secure process as they provide extra layer of protection for any online purchases.

BB&T Visa Card

BB&T offers a wide array of visa cards to meet the requirement of each and every individual from various categories. The following are the various types of BB&T Bank visa cards along with some of their characteristic features.
  • Business Credit Card - It has low APR, overdraft and fraud protection, accept for rewards program, and allow to access at millions of locations, and no annual fee. 1-800-397-1253
  • Check Card - This card accepts signature-based transactions and has a higher level of security, proactive monitoring and zero liability programs, etc. 1-800-226-5228
  • Gift Card - This is a prepaid spending card and accepted at millions of locations where debit cards are accepted. It is possible to check gift card balance through online or by calling at 1-866-594-2076. It has a zero liability protection for unauthorized use.
  • Platinum Credit Card - It has zero liability and 100% fraud protection, online access, allow earning rewards, no annual fee, etc. 1-800-476-4228.
The customers can check out more details for the above mentioned BB and T visa cards from the "Terms and Conditions" or "FAQs" link provided by the company on their official website.

BB&T Visa Rewards

BB and T visa rewards can easily be earned from everyday spending, and banking activities, example paying for gas, clothing, groceries, bills, etc. The reward points can be redeemed for a wide range of products, such as gift cards, travel, charities, merchandise, adventures, and racing. Points earned are even allowed for cash awards too. The customers can earn extra rewards when they combine the credit and check cards' points and enroll in BB&T rewards program.

BB & T Visa Extras

The customers can reward themselves with their BB&T check card or Business check card when they enroll in the free BB and T Visa Extras program. This program is a free of cost. The company offers easy online access to view the customers' balances and points. Consumers can login to BBandT visa online to redeem points for a variety of products when they have enough reward points.

For further information on BB&T visa, customers can visit the nearest local branch or log in to their official website.



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