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BB&T CD Rates

BB&T Bank offers competitive interest rates and fixed terms for a variety of CDs (Certificates of Deposit). Some of the CDs have a flexible maturity dates and investment options. Most of the BB&T branches located at several parts of the United States offered a variety of financial products, such as savings, CD, checking, and money market accounts to manage their finances.

BB&T Corporation is purely a community financial institution. The bank always looks to provide what they have to the consumers for being a part of the company. The customers from Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland, Texas, Virginia (VA), South Carolina, West Virginia, Washington, DC, etc, can enjoy the best CD rates offered by the bank. Customers can also visit a nearby local branch in their area to get more information.

BB&T offers both regular term Certificates of Deposit with terms from seven days up to sixty months. The company also designs a number of CDs for consumers to meet their specific investment goals. The various types of CDs offered by BB&T are given below.
  • 7 days to 60 (sixty) months
  • Home Saver
  • College Saver
  • Add-On
  • Can't Lose
  • Stepped Rate
  • Treasury
Branch Banking and Trust Company provides financial calculators to determine rates for a variety of CDs. The Certificates of Deposit from BB&T can be trusted as it is ensured and protected by FDIC insurance program. For further information on BBandT CDs and CDARS, customers can contact in person from the nearest financial center or call at 1-800-BANK-BBT (1-800-226-5228).

Current BB&T CD Rates

BB&T always provides the best rates to the customers for their investment and deposit made in the bank even during the unstable economic condition of the country. The current BB&T CD rates 2010 for a variety of its products are given below in the table.

Deposit Rate APY ( Annual Percentage Yield)
IRA (Individual Retirement Account) CD  
3 month 0.90% 0.90%
6 month 1.24% 1.25%
1 year 1.73% 1.75%
2 year 2.66% 2.70%
2.5 yr 2.66% 2.70%
3 yr 3.05% 3.10%
5 yr 3.92% 4.00%
CDs (Certificates of Deposit)  
1 month 0.75% 0.75%
2 month 0.75% 0.75%
3 month 1.00% 1.00%
6 month 1.24% 1.25%
1 year 1.78% 1.80%
2 year 2.66% 2.70%
2.5 yr 2.66% 2.70%
3 year 3.05% 3.10%
5 yr 3.92% 4.00%
Jumbo CD  
1 month 0.95% 0.95%
2 month 0.95% 0.95%
3 month 1.19% 1.20%
6 month 1.19% 1.20%
1 year 1.88% 1.90%
2 year 2.66% 2.70%
2.5 yr 2.66% 2.70%
5 year 3.92% 4.00%

The consumers can visit a nearby financial center or log in to their authentic website to get more information on BB&T current and today's CD rates.



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