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BB&T Account

To have BB&T account is the only way for the customers to enjoy a variety of products and services offered by the company. Customers with various types of deposits, savings and checking accounts can enjoy competitive rates from the bank. There are some BBandT accounts which can even earn bonus, e.g. checking account.

Customers can dial online support at 1-888-BBT-ONLINE/1-888-228-6654 for assistance, incase if their accounts are locked out.

BB&T Bank Account

BB&T has a variety of bank accounts designed for all types of the customers to meet their requirement and financial ability. They ranges from loans, mortgages and home equity for buying a new home or vehicle to savings, CDs and checking accounts for managing finances, and business, insurance and merchant accounts for rewards and raising capitals.

The following are some of the popular kinds of bank accounts offered by the company to the customers.

  • Online Checking Account
  • Savings & HSA
  • Business Account
  • Merchant & Money Market Accounts
  • Rewards Account

BB&T Account Number

BB&T account number is provided to the customer after he/she becomes a business partner of the bank. The customers should not disclose their account numbers to strangers and unknown persons in order to prevent from fraud and theft. It is also important for the customers to keep in mind that BB & T account number is needed everywhere for any banking activities.

The Colonial Bank customers have been assigned new account numbers as the bank has been acquired by BB&T. The clients can see their account number in the check book, deposit slip, etc.

BB&T Online Account

Open a free 24X7 online account from the BB&T Bank website or in person from a nearby financial center for a variety of services, such as to check account balance and statements, reorder checks, and allow to make bill payments, transfer money and many more. Branch Banking and Trust Company provides a secured online logon process to access the web banking services. Nowadays, most of the office goers and busy customers use these services to manage their accounts within their finger tips because of the limited time in engaging their works.

The online services are provided for both the customers from personal and business categories. Clients with different types of accounts, such as Checking, Savings, Business, HSA, Merchant, Mortgage, etc, from the company can enroll to avail the said services. The bank provides a simple and easy login process to access the customers' accounts. The customers can also obtain answer from FAQs link for some of the frequently asked question, like how to log on into my BB&T online account?

BB&T Account Login

The BB&T customers can login to their account only with the help of a secret logon user ID and password. The company will provide these secret codes after the completion of a verification process. Then customers can enter the login user ID and password and click on ‘logon' button to enjoy the free 24X7 online services.

Find more information about closing BB&T account from the nearest bank branch or log on to their authentic website.



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