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BB&T Auto Loan

BB&T auto loans have enabled a large number of low and moderate income citizens to purchase their dream vehicle without any financial burdens. The company also provides financial solutions and auto insurance services. BB&T is one of the 10 largest financial holding companies in the US. They have auto finance industry in several states and they are one of the leading automobile dealers throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. The company offers a full range of retail and dealer financing options to meet the needs of every client.

Their can be two types of auto loans. They are;
  • BB&T Vehicle Loans
  • BB&T Recreational Loan
BB&T vehicle loans are the best when the customers are looking to buy or refinance cars, SUVs, or light duty vans. These loans have flexible repayment options and no prepayment penalties. The company also provides several benefits and facilities and allowed the customers to qualify for an Elite Gold or Elite Classic checking account with the BB&T auto loan.

BB&T Recreational Loan have a full potential for the customers who believe in saying, "Life is to have fun all the time". It can help the customers to devote a pleasant time with their family, or time to spend alone on the lake, etc. With the help of BB&T Recreational Loan clients can sooner or later become the owner of a private airplane, boat, RV, and motorcycle. This loan also has flexible payment options and no prepayment penalties.

Clients who are interested in BBandT auto loans can apply in person by calling or visiting a lender/local branch near them. The consumers can also speak to the customer service department or the retail lending specialist to get more information about BB & T auto loan services and application.

BB&T Auto Rates

BB&T offer auto loans to the customers with a variety of options for financing at competitive rates. The company also provides online auto loan calculators to determine the auto loan rates. These financial tools can help the customers choose the right loans and also help to decide whether lease or buy a new vehicle is the right option or not.

Consumers can find out the current auto interest rates in their areas, by visiting the nearest local branch.

BB&T Auto Loan Payoff

BB&T auto loan can easily be payoff with a simpler and more convenient way of payment through online services. It is also possible for the customers to pay auto loan by mail at the particular payment address provided by the company. The customers can mail for various loan payments including auto loans at the given payoff address.

BB&T Retail Lending
P.O. Box 580048
Charlotte, NC 28258-0048

The BB&T auto loan payoff phone number is 1-888-562-6228. Customers can also enquire for early payoff quotes and other related issues from the same number.

For further information BB&T auto, personal, car loans and repossessions, customers can visit a nearby bank branch or log in to their official website.



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