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BB&T Routing Number

Branch Banking and Trust Company routing numbers are different from one state to another state. Like most of the financial institutions in the country this company also has a domestic wire transfer facility. The BB&T ABA/routing transit number is a 9-digit numerical code that can easily be seen in the left corner of the checks. It usually precedes the customers' account numbers. This unique 9-digit numerical figure is the secret bank code that helps the customers to trace or route the bank branches at the time of making an electronic payment or transaction.

BB&T Corporation is one of the 10 largest commercial holding companies in the United States, with the total assets of no less than $160 billion. This company's headquartered is at Winston- Salem, North Carolina. Today, Branch Banking & Trust Company has more than 1800 branches and approximately over 2400 ATMs in various states of the US. The following are the BBT routing numbers for different states.
State Routing Number
Alabama (AL) 0622-0398-4
District of Columbia (DC) 0540-0154-7
Florida (FL) 2631-9138-7
Georgia (GA) 0611-1341-5
Indiana (IN) 0839-7428-9
Kentucky (KY) 0839-0068-0
Maryland (MD) 0550-0330-8
North Carolina (NC) 0531-0112-1
South Carolina (SC) 0532-0160-7
Tennessee (TN) 0642-0816-5
Virginia (VA) 0514-0426-0
West Virginia (WV) 0515-0339-4

BB&T Wire Transfer

BB&T provides wire transfer facilities to simplify the process of transferring funds and cash from one person or institution to another. In short, this is an electronic payment service designed specifically for transferring funds from one bank account to another bank account. The BB&T wire transfer services allow the customers to avail money order services too.

BB & T has a facility for both domestic and international wire transfer services. Customers who wish to transfer funds within the country and state can use the ABA/routing numbers provided in the above table for each BB&T operational states separately. But clients who need international wire transfer services should use Swift code given by the company.

Branch Banking & Trust Company is a member of both SWIFT and CHIPS, which facilitate for international funds transfer. For all BB&T Wire Transfer Services, the Fed Reference number is easily made available to customers for immediate execution of the wire to the Fed. The BB&T SWIFT Code for international wire transfer is BRBTUS33. Moreover, customers who are in need of transferring funds to overseas should provide the beneficiary name and address. The customers can also get the detailed information about its procedure and uses from the bank's official website as well as from a local branch.

The customers can visit a nearby banking center or log in to their official website to get more information about BB&T domestic and international wire transfer fee, and BIC or CHIPS.



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