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BB&T Credit Card

BB&T Bank offers credit card services for both the customers from personal and business categories. The credit cards for personal and business customers can enjoy several benefits, offers, and rewards program with low rates (APR). The company also provides student credit card to avail the same service with that of the regular customers.

Detail information about BB&T secured credit card application can be obtained from the bank's official website or it can be carried out by meeting the concern representatives from the local branch. The BB&T Merchant Services provide debit card and credit card processing solutions.

The following are the types of BB&T credit cards offered for personal and business customers with their characteristic features.

  • Visa Platinum Credit Card - It has no annual fee, free balance transfers for 90 days from the day of opening an account, and 0% APR (Introductory Annual Percentage Rate) on balance transfers and purchases for six months. This card has offers, superior rewards program and various protections, such as zero liability, overdraft protection and emergency replacement of card for lost or stolen. It also has an easy online access for a variety of services, such as to view statements and account status online, paying recurring bills and monthly bill from the checking or savings account with the automatic payment option.
  • Visa Business Credit Card - This card has low annual percentage rates, fraud and overdraft protections, no annual fee, rewards program, etc.
  • Visa Corporate Card - Visa Corporate Card has travel benefits, no annual fee, low APR, overdraft protection, flexible billing options, etc.
  • Visa Purchasing Card - It has 100% fraud protection, flexible billing and payment options, and no annual fee, low APR, etc.
All the above mentioned credit cards are accepted at more than 30 million locations all over the world and some specific cards like CIRRUS, HONOR, MasterCard, PLUS, and Visa are allowed for instant cash access at no less than 190,000 automated teller machines (ATMs). To obtain more information on BB and T credit cards' benefits and advantages, clients can visit the nearest banking center or log in to their official website.

BB&T credit card customer service phone number for various purposes including to reports suspicious card activity and lost/stolen cards is 1-800-476-4228 or 1-800-BANK-BBT (1-800-226-5228).

BB&T Credit Card Connection

BB&T credit card connection is an online service offered by the company to the clients with a simple log on system. This service has several facilities for the customers who had registered to avail the service. BB&T credit card connection can access for 24 hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week after getting a logon user ID and password. It allows the customers to manage their credit card account anytime, anywhere from the office, at home, or on the way.

The registered cardholders can access their account information with a secured online login process immediately and allowed to view transaction history, account statements, make payments, etc. The company also provides an email alert facility for the clients to manage their account and protect from any thief and fraud.

The customers can enroll for BB&T credit card connection in person by visiting the local branch or call BB&T Bankcard customer service representatives at 1-800-397-1253 for business customers and 1-800-476-4228 for personal customers that are available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET, and 6:00 a.m. to midnight ET Monday through Saturday.

BB&T Credit Card Rewards

BB&T Bank provides reward for various types of visa credit cards and check card. The reward points can easily be earned by everyday purchases (gas, groceries, clothing, etc.), online tax and bill payments. For example, if the customers owe federal income tax, he/she can pay online by using BB&T credit or check cards and possible of earning points. The customers can even earn more points when he/she combined with credit and check cards by enrolling in a BB&T rewards program. The reward points can be redeemed for gift card, merchandise, travel, etc.

For further information about BB & T credit card processing, calculator, and MasterCard, customers can visit a nearby local branch or log in to their authentic website.



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