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BB&T Customer Service

Branch Banking and Trust Company have an excellent team of customer service representatives for a wide range of products. The company provides and recruits the employees who have a passion to deal and satisfy the needs of every client. They were the main source of the company to bind a good relationship between the clients and the institution. BB&T customer service centers are also there to help the customers when they are in need. The consumers can contact the BB&T customer service departments by phone, email, mail and in person. It is also possible for the customers to send the documents and other related work through faxes provided by the company for different branches.

BB&T provides online customer service for a variety of products during emergency. They have various tools to take care of every consumer accounts, provide customer care section to avail information in the shortest duration, and have FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) link to get answers for some of the most frequently asked questions about the company's services. The consumers can also visit the nearest local or regional office to avail the latest information. Given below is the address of BB&T corporate headquarters with phone number.

Corporate Headquarters
BB&T Corporation
200 West Second Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

BB&T Bank Customer Service Number

BB&T Bank customer service phone number is the easiest way for the customers to contact the concern representatives during emergency without any problems. The company provides BB&T Phone24 (1-800-BANK-BBT or 1-800-226-5228), which is an automated telephone banking service available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This phone number will get an instant access to the latest information about the checking, CDs, savings, credit lines, credit cards and many other types of accounts.

The following are some of the important customer service phone numbers and addresses for a variety of products.


Loan Information Line 1-888-562-6228

BB&T Retail Lending
P.O. Box 580048
Charlotte, NC 28258-0048

Check Cards & Credit Cards

Check Cards: 1-800-BANK-BBT (1-800-226-5228)

Credit Cards: 1-800-476-4228 (lost/stolencards)

P.O. Box 200
Wilson, NC 27893


Mortgage Servicing Center: 1-800-295-5744

BB&T Mortgage Customer Service Department
P.O. Box 2467
Greenville, SC 29602-2467


Insurance Claims Center: 1-800-990-4228

Personal Insurance Sales Center: 1-800-422-8448

Life Insurance Sales Center: 1-800-474-1471

Health Insurance Sales Center: 1-800-474-1471

Personal Insurance Service Center: 1-800-228-1820

Investments and Wealth Management

BB&T Investment Services: 1-800-453-7348

Marketconnect: 1-800-453-7348

SMART Money Manager: 1-888-SMART4U (1-888-762-7848)

Loss Mitigation Department

BB&T Mortgage
Colonial Loss Mitigation
P.O. Box 2067
Greenville SC 29602-2067

The BB&T also provides loss mitigation specialists to enquire about the short sale process through phone at 1-800-827-3722 ext 28422.

For further information on BB&T REO, auto and car loans customer service, clients can visit a nearby local office or log in to their bank's official website.



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