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PNC Bank Student Loans

PNC Bank Student Loans come in a variety of options for the students and they highlight a number of benefits. PNC clearly understands that there are a large number of students from diverse backgrounds having different needs. To meet the requirements of these students, the bank has offered the widest possible selection of student loans. If you are looking to get a better way to finance your higher education then obtaining an education loan from PNC Bank is one of the best available options. For best reliable information on PNC Bank education loans, you can call at (800) 762-1001 or make a visit at the student loan center website.

PNC Bank Private Student Loans

The bank offers a complete range of private student loans to help you meet the overall cost of your college education. Given below is a list of the most popular types of education loans made available by the bank to eligible students.
  • Undergraduate Private Loan
  • Graduate/Professional Private Loan
  • Health Professions Loan
  • Bar Study Loan

Undergraduate loan is a private loan that offers fast and easy way to pay for college expenses after a student has exhausted his federal loan. This private loan is for those students who have been already enrolled for at least half time in any degree program. With this loan option, students can get 0.50% rate reduction by making automated payments from savings or checking account. One can use the funds to meet any type of education-related expenses. Students can also take up to 15 years to repay the loan and the interest rates are tax deductible. The bank also offers deferred payments after 6 months of the completion of the graduation or leaving the school.

On the other hand, PNC offers private loans for graduate and professional students pursuing graduate or professional degree courses. To get this loan option, you should either be a graduate or a professional student enrolled in a degree program. You are also required to be enrolled for at least half time as per the school. The funds will be sent directly to the school upon approval and one can use them for any education related expenses.

PNC Bank further offers Health Professions Loan for those undergraduate and graduate students who have been enrolled at least half time in an approved health-related program. In this private loan, the student borrower as well as the co-signer must be permanent residents or citizens of the United States. The bank also offers student loan consolidation program for those troubled students who are facing financial difficulties in making their multiple student loans repayment. To find more information on student loan address, Bar Study Loan and the application process, visit the website of the bank.



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