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PNC Bank Foreclosures

PNC Bank Foreclosures for sale are made available to potential buyers in the US housing market. PNC Realty Services is a part of the PNC Financial Services Group, which his responsible for managing residential as well as bank-owned REO, Leased facilities and commercial trust-held real estate. If you are looking for residential properties for sale by PNC then it is advisable for you to use the current listings and the printable catalogue links made available in the bank website.

PNC Bank REO or Real estate owned is a property which is now owned by the bank either through foreclosure action or deed in lieu of foreclosure. PNC Realty Services manage REO properties owned by the bank as well as those properties owned by several other investors. The properties sold by the foreclosure department of the bank are without any representations or warranties to the prospective buyers regarding the condition of the property. It is very important as a buyer to view the current listings of the REO properties. These listings will have a brief description of the available properties and the name and contact details of the listing agents.

It is recommended that you contact the listing agents for more information on the available properties, to present your purchase offer or to schedule a visit. On the other hand, one can also buy commercial trust-held real estate which is a real estate property held or managed by the bank in a fiduciary capacity.

PNC acts as Executor or Trustee of such properties and it enables them to act as owner of the properties. The purchase of trust-held real estate for sale or lease is based on the approval of the co-fiduciary or the court, whichever applicable.

If you are an employee of PNC Bank or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries then it is advisable for you to disclose your relationship with the bank when you are making an offer for purchase of any of the property in the REO listing of PNC Realty Services website. A statement of your disclosure must be included in any of the purchase offer submitted by you. You can also view many other additional properties managed by PNC's Midland Loan Services at the website of the bank. Buying foreclosure homes or REO properties from PNC is completely safe and secure. You will also be able to save a great deal by getting the best available purchase offer.



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