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PNC Bank Routing Number

PNC Bank Routing Number is the nine digit number present at the bottom left of your checks issued by the bank. Routing number is also commonly known as ABA number or routing transit number. PNC Bank assigns different routing numbers to its branches located in various states of the country.

The ABA number also depends on the region of the country where you have opened your account. The primary objective of using routing number is to identify the particular branch of the bank while making wire transfers and online transactions. The RTN number is also essential while carrying out direct deposits, bill payments and several other automated transfers.

It is important for the customers to understand that PNC Bank has different routing number based on the regions where they have their accounts. The following are some routing numbers of the bank and their corresponding regions.

Region Routing Number
Delaware 031100089
Florida 043002900, 267084199
Greater Washington Area 054000030
Illinois 071921891
Indiana 083009060, 083000108, 071921891
Kentucky 083000108
Kentucky - Northern 042100188
New Jersey 031207607
Michigan 041000124
Missouri 071921891
Ohio 042000398, 041000124
Ohio - Youngstown 043000096
Pennsylvania - Central, North 043000096
Pennsylvania - Central, South 031312738
Pennsylvania - Northeast 031300012
Pennsylvania - Northwest 043300738
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia 031000053
Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh 043000096
Wisconsin 071921891

To initiate a wire transfer to a bank located in the United States, you should call the wire transfer department of the bank at 800-762-5884. In case if you are making your call from overseas dial 412-803-8862. First of all, you are required to make a wire transfer agreement before initiating a transfer. Moreover, you will need the ABA/routing number, the account number to which you are transferring the funds. You may also be required to provide the bank's name, complete address and the telephone number.



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