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PNC Bank Direct Deposit

PNC Bank Direct Deposit is the convenient service through which you can have your paychecks and several other regular payments deposited electronically into your savings, checking or money market accounts. Direct Deposit is one of the safest and fastest ways of depositing funds into any type of account with the bank. Types of eligible deposits for PNC Bank Direct Deposit include monthly salary, interest payments, Social Security, retirement benefits, SSI, pension payments and government payments. All the reliable details on Direct Deposit service and how to process it are available on the website of PNC Bank.

Benefits of Direct Deposit

This hassle free service comes with a number of benefits for the customers. Making Direct Deposit is much safer as it eliminates the risk related to stolen checks, forgeries and identity theft. Moreover, it is quite simple as the payments are securely deposited directly into the bank account. You are no longer required to visit the bank branch in order to make a deposit. On the other hand, Direct Deposit is very reliable as the funds get automatically deposited on the scheduled pay dates and the funds are available for fast withdrawal on the same day.

PNC Bank Direct Deposit Bonus

Customers can also earn points and bonus by making Direct Deposit. When you register for direct deposit, you will be able to earn additional points in terms of PNC pointsSM. You can also enroll the PNC Bank Visa ® Check Card for PNC points now. It is also very simple to set up Direct Deposit. In order to establish your direct deposit, a written authorization is required by the bank. The fastest way to enroll for direct deposit is to contact the employer, government agency or any other agency issuing the check. They can offer the proper direct deposit form and the detailed information to start with.

On the other hand, you can also complete the PNC Bank Direct Deposit form and sent it to your employer or any other non-governmental agency together with a voided check of your bank account. Direct Deposit form is made available online or you can get it from any PNC Bank Branch. The employer or the agency that is making the deposit will also issue a payment advice or a paystub documenting the deductions and the withholdings. Incase if you have any general questions relating to direct deposit and the way it works then give a call at 888-PNC-BANK. For further details on direct deposit address and direct connect, visit the website of the bank.



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