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PNC Bank Mortgage Rates

PNC Bank Mortgage Rates vary according to the different types of loan terms made available to the eligible customers. It is very important for the borrowers to have a clear idea of the current mortgage rates and the payment information before applying for a particular term. Today, PNC Bank offers some of the best interest rates with their mortgage terms. The bank offers a complete range of mortgage programs that include fixed rate mortgage, FHA mortgages, Interest Only Mortgages, adjustable rate loans, VA home loans, refinance mortgage, etc. You can get lowest possible mortgage rates by making a thorough research.

PNC Bank Mortgage Rates Today

Mortgage rates keep on changing from time to time depending on the market conditions. Interest rates are always in the news and it is the most important thing to consider while looking for an affordable loan term. As a borrower, you should make sure that you get accurate and recent information relevant to your location and financial situation. The following chart highlights today's rate condition with different types of mortgages offered by PNC Bank.

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Term Rate APR Monthly Payment
10 Year Fixed 3.750% - 4.000% 4.868% - 4.898% $250 - $253
15 Year Fixed 3.750% - 4.250% 4.662% - 4.820% $182 - $188
20 Year Fixed 4.250% - 4.750% 4.928% - 5.175% $155 - $162
30 Year Fixed 4.250% - 4.625% 4.765% - 4.990% $123 - $129

Interest Only Mortgages

Term Rate APR Monthly Payment
3/1 Interest Only ARM 3.250% - 4.125% 3.653% - 3.709% $68 - $86
5/1 Interest Only ARM 3.375% - 4.125% 3.704% - 3.819% $70 - $86
7/1 Interest Only ARM 3.750% - 4.500% 3.880% - 4.087% $78 - $94
10/1 Interest Only ARM 4.125% - 4.750% 4.198% - 4.452% $86 - $99

Adjustable Rate Loans

Term Rate APR Monthly Payment
7/1 ARM 3.500% - 4.250% 3.855% - 4.052% $112 - $123
10/1 ARM 3.875% - 4.375% 4.126% - 4.309% $118 - $125

Mortgage rates are likely to change without any prior notice until you have locked your term. The actual payment and the rates will be greatly determined by your financial condition. While obtaining an adjustable rate mortgage, it is important for you to remember that the interest is fixed only for a constant period of time and they are adjusted periodically thereafter. The interest and the monthly payment may increase towards the end of the repayment period.

If you want higher loan amounts and the most competitive rates then FHA mortgages are the best available options. FHA loans have flexible income and credit requirements and an eligible homebuyer can borrow up to 95% of the value of the home. PNC also offers lowest possible refinance rates for those homeowners you want to lower their monthly payments. It is recommended that you use the calculator tools to get some idea of the monthly interest and principal payments on various loan terms.



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