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Bank of the West Routing Number

Bank of the West Routing Number, also called Routing Transit Number (RTN) or American Bankers Association (ABA) routing number, is a nine digits number issued by its Apex Body American Bankers Association. It is assigned to all financial institutions facilitating the identification of the one where payment is drawn while receiving or making payment from or to any account, agencies or companies. The routing number issued differs with the state or region where individual's accounts are opened. It also differs with the type of accounts like direct deposit, automatic payment, ordering of check, saving account etc. Customers can identify their routing number in every check, deposit slip or any other negotiable instrument of the region or branch location where they have their account opened.

How to Identify Routing Number on Check

Bank of the West Routing Number is the first nine-digit number present at the bottom left corner of the checks or any other deposit slips. But for those customers using ACH or Automatic Clearing House or electronic transactions, Bank of the West has a separate routing number. They are advised to use Routing/ABA number 121100782 for Bank of the West. For all other transactions or account, i.e. check orders, customers have to contact and consult their respective local branch offices where their accounts are based.

Customers accessing an account with the online banking facility can sign in to your account page and find the appropriate routing number by clicking the Show Routing Numbers link and by entering the state name and type of transaction. Customers can also approach directly to the nearest branch located in their own area. You may also call customer service helpline 1-800 488-BANK (2265) for the correct routing number.

Bank of the West Routing Number List

Bank of the West Routing Number differs with the region or state of its operating locations. It depends on the region or state where an individual has his account opened. For the purpose of your convenience and further information we provide you here routing numbers for some of the US states. For more details and respective routing numbers of the rest of the states like in Iowa, Oregon, Omaha NE, Nebraska, Kansas, WY, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, customers may make an effort calling the customer service representative for the correct routing number. Customer Service helpline is 1-800 488-BANK (2262). You may also check or search online the assigned routing number of your local branch by logging in to the official website of the bank.

Bank of the West Routing Number with their respective states

States Routing Number
California 073902494
Texas 111916724
Colorado 102003743

Website: http://


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