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Bank of the West Rates

Bank of the West provides customers with the lowest combination of rates and fees along with the best quality of customer service. As the bank has full commitment to the communities it serves, it provide a full range of benefits to the entire customers to meet their different needs and requirements. The bank provides and operates all its available programs with an eye fixed on useful tools and services that best reflects the needs of the customers. Be it Loans, Mortgages or Savings accounts, customers can entirely rely on the simple and flexible plans of the bank offering variety of financing options with rates reflecting the changes and circumstances of the customers.

Bank of the West Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Loans provided by the Bank of the West are all specifically designed and offered to help conveniently and effectively meet the needs of the customers. Customers are offered flexible mortgage plans with range of rates one can choose that best suits their everyday circumstances. The bank offers Fixed Rate Mortgages allowing customers to plan on a set payment and rate throughout the term of the mortgage. Further, it provides Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM), facilitating customers to take advantage of fluctuations in interest rates.

Customers can also benefit the competitive interest rates and long term rate locks in all mortgages offered by the bank. The Rate Watch feature provided by the bank can help you keep an eye on the changing interest rates. Customers can check out the rates clicking the Check Rates button and answering some questions. The bank will provide a complete and accurate fee quote and rates for all the loan types that may suit them.

Bank of the West Auto Loan Rates

Customers looking for a vehicle for any purpose, whether for work or for recreational use, can find it convenient to get an auto loan from Bank of the West. Even if you need fund to get the new wheel for a used vehicle you can turn to the Bank of the West. The bank can help financing for your need and make your dream come true. The bank features great rates on both new and used vehicle. Customers can avail 0.25% interest rate discount with automatic payments from a Bank of the West checking account. One can check the latest auto loan rates clicking the Check Rates button and apply one that would meet their needs and requirements.

Bank of the West Savings Rates

Whether an individual wants to save money for short duration or has a bigger goal in the long run, Bank of the West can help make the most of the money. The bank offers a range of options to help you out with a Savings, Money Market, CD or IRA account with competitive rates and high quality customer service. Customers are offered the options whether to look only for a short period or longer duration with a range of rates. The bank provides CDs savings option that generally offers higher rates than those of savings account if customers don't want to access money for a fixed period of time. The Premium Money Market CD allows you to earn higher interest rates than what you get from the regular savings account for a set period of time. And the Jumbo CD facilitates investing large balances and allows taking advantage of a great rate.

Individuals looking forward to apply for any available loans and mortgages, and wants to make most of the money through savings with Bank of the West can check in the available competitive rates and benefits by logging in to the official website of the bank or call the customer service representative.

Customer Service:  (800) 488-BANK (2265)
To apply for a loan:  (866) BOW-BEAR (269-2327)
For existing loans:  (800) 488-2265

Website: http://


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