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Bank of the West Loans

Bank of the West Loans answer the various needs and satisfy the different desires of the communities. The various loans provided by the bank could make an individual dream come true. It helps one to improve the current situation, extend support to initiate new beginning, make a living more comfortable and fulfill several other needs and requirements. The several loans provided by Bank of the West includes- Home Equity to help accomplish everyday life's goal, Construction Financing to finance for renovation or any other home project, and Military Loans to serve those who serve the nation. The bank further provides Mortgages to help meet the various needs, Vehicle Financing to help one possess any type of vehicle for any purposes. Manufactured Home Loans are also provided with the aim to answer the unique needs and requirements of the individual's homes. The loans provided by the Bank of the West are all designed to meet the wide range needs of the communities.

Bank of the West Home Equity Loans

The bank offers two ways to make use of home's equity

  • Equity Choice Line of Credit: it can help you accomplish many goals from renovation and short term financing to debt consolidation and tuition. There are no loan fees or closing costs on loans upto $500,000, and amount of credit can be upto 80% of the value of your property.
  • Home Equity Loan: It enable maximum benefit that the equity home allows with no loan fees or closing costs on loans upto $500,000, fixed interest rate, terms upto 25 years, amount of loan upto 80% value of the individual's property.
Whether you need to construct more rooms or plan to make a perfect home, the bank local Construction Lending Specialists can help you find a way in financing for building project or renovation as you dreamed of. If one is interested in purchasing or refinancing a manufactured home the Manufactured Home Loans provided by the bank can help realize your dream. The bank offers a loan of $10,000 and above with terms upto 240 months, fixed rate plus first class customer service.

Bank of the West Auto Loans

Bank of the West Vehicle Financing Loans provide finance for the purchase of any type of vehicle whether for work or for play. The bank offers Auto Loans and RV and Boat Loans through Vehicle Financing Loans. Auto Loans facilitates both new and used vehicles upto 6 years with $2,000 and up. The terms are offered as $10,000+ for 72 months and $30,000+ for 84 months with upto 90% advance loan to value (LTV) and upto 100% for qualified buyers. RV and Boat Loans help finance to purchase all kinds of vehicles, from boat and campers to ATVs, snowmobiles, airplanes etc. It provide finance for both new and used vehicles with loan values starting from $2,000 for 15 year terms and going upto 80% loan to value on both new and used vehicles.

Bank of the West Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loans provided by Bank of the West has a wide range of mortgage plans and tools that best reflect the individual's needs. The bank offers mortgage plans such as Fixed Mortgages, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Government Mortgages and Refinance. The mortgage plans offered by the Bank of the West are all specifically designed for the various needs of the customers. Customers can choose any plan that best reflects his or her needs and requirements.

The business of an individual and its continuous growth is what the bank of the West is primarily concerned with. The bank helps business grow by acting as the wheel of funding to move the business at a greater speed. Whether your business requires short term working capital or long term business loan, the wide selection of financing options with competitive rates can help meet all your needs. The bank also facilitates loans to the students so that these can be combined with the parents' investment savings and help one fulfill the goal for higher education funding. The bank also dedicates full commitment to the community through grants invested in local charities and non profit organizations and other charitable contributions to the entire communities.

The bank of the West allows interest rate discount to all customers using automatic loan payments from a Bank of the west checking account for all loan types. The bank Lease-end management Specialists are always beside you to assist in all lease agreement issues providing necessary information in order to review the end of the lease options or a payoff option if lease expires on a specific date. If your lease expires in the next 180 days or less, call a lease-end representative at (800) 755-3459, or if it expires in more than 180 days, call (800) 827-7500 for an automated payoff amount. The bank also ensures loan workout or modification program, providing more affordable mortgage payment alternatives if someone is faced with financial misfortune and finds it difficult to meet the loan payments.

For more details about loans and their services, financing options of the business loans and the related benefits provided by Bank of the West, You may visit the official website of the bank or call the following customer service helpline numbers.

Customer Service:  (800) 488-BANK (2265) To apply for a new loan:  (866) BOW-BEAR (269-2327) For existing loans:  (800) 488-2265

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