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Bank of the West Login

Bank of the West facilitates the easiest and most convenient way in carrying out banking activities with just a click wherever and whenever required. With online banking services and other exceptional customer services the bank has enabled hundreds of thousands of customers to find the best financial institution to bank with. Customers of Bank of the West can comfortably sit at home and carry out all banking purposes whether for personal or business. One can manage all accounts, pay bills, move money and pay other people without any tension and with not much physical effort. Bank of the West recognizes and understands the way customers have to bank by offering the kind of banking experience that every potential customer deserve. Online banking with Bank of the West offers a variety of convenient features that help manage all banking matters with ease. It is easy, simple to carry out and secure in all information and transactions.

Bank of the West Online Banking Login

Every valued customers of Bank of the West can make use of online banking services to carry out any banking needs which are free of charge and give you the most convenient way. Having a bank of the West Checking account and debit card can immediately make you start using online banking. It won't take more than 10 minutes to make you start banking online.

The service is very easy to avail and it is even easier to sign up too. To enroll for online banking, customers need to have in hand the Bank of the West checking account number and debit card or any other account number, such as loans or credit cards. It is also required to provide the social security number that is used to open account, and a valid email address. These are the must tools and are the only door to start using online banking.

If customers want to enroll using checking account number and debit card or other account number, it is upto your choice. Now if you enroll using your checking account and debit card, fulfilling the six simple steps will make you ready to enjoy the ease of banking online.
  • Enter the account information and accept the service agreement
  • Select your User name and Password
  • Create your Security Image from the dropdown menu
  • Create your Security Phrase that is 6 to 30 characters in length
  • Create Challenge Questions and Answers
  • Confirm your Security
Once confirmation of security image, phrase and challenge questions are over you will be ready to carry out any banking needs through online whenever and wherever you want. Whenever banking needs arise and require you to fulfill all the needs, one can just log in and sign up for online banking and carry out all his/her banking needs. Simply sign in entering your Surname and the Password and start enjoy the ease of banking online.

For detailed information and more on online banking services and related information, as to enrollment for online banking and the procedures, customers may visit the official website of the Bank of the West and get informed. For online banking related query customers may also contact the following number.

(800) 488-BANK (2265) option 3

Website: http://


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