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Sovereign Bank Routing Number

Sovereign Bank Routing Number is also referred to as the routing transit number or American Bankers' Association ABA number. This number consists usually of nine digits. If you want to find the routing number of the Sovereign Bank for the specific branches then you can access this number as it is present on the bottom left of the checks. Sovereign Bank presence or its locations can be seen in different states of the United States so it has allocated unique routing number that can enable you to identify the particular branch.

The main purpose of the routing number is to make the transactions smoothly like transfer of funds from one account to another. The routing number is determined by the bank branch where you have opened the accounts. The routing number is very useful as it can help in carrying out online transactions, transfer funds and also to operate other functions. Sovereign Bank routing number enables you to classify the bank branch and its region.

In order to carry out the direct deposit activities you are required to find out the routing or the transit number. The general ABA or routing number of Sovereign Bank is 011075150 for the accounts opened in Connecticut CT, Massachusetts MA, Rhode Island RI, New Hampshire NH and Vermont VT. For the accounts being opened in all other States apart from those mentioned above such as Maryland MD, New Jersey NJ, New York NY and Pennsylvania PA, their routing number is 231372691. In order to receive the acceptance for the international wire your routing number is necessary.

The following are some of the prominent routing numbers of the various locations of the bank.

Brooklyn, NY: 231372691

Delaware, DE: 231170152

Massachusetts, MA: 011075202

New Jersey NJ: 021206074

Worcester Mass: 011075150

The above ABA number of Worcester Mass is the general routing number of the Sovereign Bank, the branches of the bank does not possess their own routing number.

For further queries you can visit the website to find about the Sovereign Bank Routing Number in Boston, for Massachusetts, Staten Island, Philadelphia and MA.



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