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Sovereign Bank CD Rates

Sovereign Bank CD Rates are offered at attractive range to eligible customers. Generally, Sovereign Bank introduces currently 9 month certificate of deposit at 4% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). For 12 month term, CDs are offered at 4.25% APY. The minimum balance amount for both types of certificate of deposits is around $500. At Sovereign Bank, you can get the chance to adjust your rate with the CD terms. For short, medium and long term investments Sovereign Bank introduces CDs that can provide you ample opportunities to earn maximum earnings.

The official website of Sovereign Bank contains tools like CD Growth calculator. To calculate the growth and profits earned on your CDs you are required to provide few details such as CD amount, deposit date, term period in months and interest rate and then click at the 'calculate' option. The bank offers secure savings that includes three year CD at the rate of 2.00% APY and for 5 year CD it is offered at the rate of 2.80% APY. The bank offers guaranteed rate of returns with any choice of terms.

The rising rate of CDs allows you to adjust the rate within the specified CD terms. The home page of Sovereign Bank allows you to draw the CD rates. For any assistance related to Sovereign Bank CD Rates you can contact the Customer Service representative at 1-877-SOV-BANK (768-2265) from 7am to 8pm ET all seven days a week. Keep browsing the website if you're looking for promotional rates being charged at CDs.

If you are applying for 3 year CD term then the bank also offers you the option for quarterly statements available upon request and reinvests the interest payments. The bank offers more security, safety and FDIC insurance. If you want to apply for Certificate of Deposits online then you need to provide the details on the type of products and the location and then submit the online application form. An overview of CD is provided on its official website that includes the various steps for CD application. If you are looking out for the best CD rates in PA, NJ, CT, Massachusetts then you can find the Sovereign Bank most beneficial.

The account holder information, financial information, account options and summary are the steps to be followed while applying for Certificate of Deposits. For opening an account you need to gather the social security number, current address, driver's license number, employment information and email address. Based on various locations including Pennsylvania PA, New York NY, Connecticut CT and Massachusetts you can apply for the Certificate of Deposits. It may be possible that CD rates differ from one location to another.



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