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Sovereign Bank History

Sovereign Bank History has attracted the minds of the people over the years. This bank is a major component of Santander Group. Majority of the people look for the history of the bank before applying for any of the products. Sovereign Bank is one of the largest banks situated in the Northeastern United States. Sovereign Bank serves almost 80 million customers in 40 countries. The bank offers a wide range of financial services such as retail, business, corporate, cash management, capital markets, insurance and private wealth management services.

Santander Group was acknowledged with the title "Best Bank in the World" in the year 2008. The expansion of the Sovereign Bank successfully took place in New England in 2000 and in New York in the year 2006. Presently, Sovereign Bank has around 750 branches and 2,300 ATMs ranging from Maine to Maryland. In 2005, Sovereign Bank as well as Santander Group developed a strategic partnership but in the year 2009, Sovereign Bank joined Santander Group. In 1999, the bank acquires the right to Mercer County's new arena that has been kept in charge of newly acquired Trenton Savings Bank.

Sovereign Bank was acquired by Banco Santander. At Sovereign Bank, you have the privilege to get the account summary and history. The headquarters of the bank is located at Wyomissing, Pennsylvania in USA. Sovereign Bank operates with a strong team of about 12,000 employees.

Sovereign Bank was founded in 1902 as a subsidiary bank of Sovereign Bancorp Inc. and has its operating markets in the Northeastern United States. This bank offers Personal Banking, Business, Corporate and Government & Institutional banking products and services. Thus it offers a wide variety of products that includes checking account options, visa check cards, savings, certificates of deposits, passbook saving, investment management, wealth management, online banking, phone banking, bill pay options, debit cards, credit cards, home equity loans and auto loans.

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Sovereign Bank Arena

Sovereign Bank Arena has recently changed its name. Global Spectrum is the operator of Sovereign Bank Arena. At Trenton NJ, in 2009 the bank has decided to change its name to the Sun National Bank Center. Sovereign Bank Arena is also referred as the Mercer County Arena which contains around 8,000 to 10,000 seat area in Trenton, New Jersey NJ. This arena hosts concerts, sports and entertainment events.

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