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Sovereign Bank Auto Loans

Sovereign Bank has initiated to receive the auto loan payoff and the payment of the loans made on the basis of competitive interest rates. Interest rates are generally determined on your credit history, vehicle age, down payment, loan amount, loan term and payment option. The bank provides loans on new vehicle as well as on used vehicle. The complete auto loan application, copy of a Dealer Purchase Order and verification of income is necessary while applying for auto loans. While applying for auto loans you can get assistance by calling at 877.4.SOV.LOAN (476-8562).

At Sovereign Bank, one can easily locate the consumer loan specialist in a specified area. To access low rates and for fast approvals you can visit the website. You also have the chance to receive the Sovereign Bank Auto Loan financing schemes. US Bank automobile loans in MA, RI, CT, NH, NJ, PA, NY, MD, DE and VA and it is necessary to possess the Sovereign deposit account.

Sovereign Bank offers you the provision to refinance your existing auto loan. Simply you can add the Loan protection plan against your auto loan. The new vehicle and used vehicle loans include the terms up to 72 months, 60, and 48, no down payment plan and loan amount up to a limit of $75,000. If you have a Sovereign Checking or savings account then you can authorize automatic payment from that account and the interest rate shall be reduced by .25 percentage points. The minimum and maximum amount for the loan is $5,000 and $75,000 respectively.

Sovereign Bank Car Loan

If you are ready to apply for new or a used car loan then Sovereign Bank can provide you the convenient option to opt for the auto loans. You can also request for car loan online. In the present scenario, the bank does not offer an online payment option offered on different types of loans. But it grants you the option to make the payments over the phone or to get across the Preauthorized Automatic Payments.

Just dial the phone number 1-877-SOV-BANK (768-2265). Or else you can make the payment conveniently on their specific located branch. The customers can either mail the payments at this following address. The bank offers auto loans at best rates. These rates are based on the credit history, vehicle age, down payment, loan amount, loan term and the mode of payment you select. Sovereign Loan protection Plan allows some benefits for you to earn.

Attn: Consumer Loan Department
Mail Code: 10-421-CN2
P.O. Box 16255
Reading, PA 19612
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