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Sovereign Bank Bill Pay

Sovereign Bank Bill Pay service enables you to make any payments to the biller that is located in the United States. You cannot use this kind of service in case of tax payments, court-ordered payments, to settle security transactions and for loan payoff amounts. Sovereign Bank offers you an unlimited number of payments to make through your bill pay service. For making single payment the maximum US dollar amount is between $.01 and $99,999.99. The benefits of Business Bill Pay service are that you can review the payment history, can check, modify and even cancel your pending payments, receive e-bills, pay bills from multiple checking accounts and pay multiple invoices.

For receiving any kind of assistance regarding bill pay services or if you want to view payment information or cancel you can contact at 877.SOV.BANK (768-2265) to speak to the personal banking representative. It allows you to make payment for the bills, assess the payment history and pending bill payments and also receive e-bills (electronic bills).

The payment center of bill pay makes your payment easy, faster and provides convenience for you anytime and anywhere. Bill pay service is available free of cost. Sovereign Bank does not charge any fees to make bill payments. Through Sovereign Bank Website you can enroll for bill pay service by submitting an online application or you can also simply submit the enrollment form directly at any of the branches of the bank. To use bill pay service you need to have a checking account. You can make payments for car, loan, phone and mortgage.

Sovereign Bank Bill Pay Login

To reach the welcome page of Sovereign Bank you can sign in to Bill Pay and pay your bills. Sovereign Bank also notifies you for bill pay service through email. You can also cancel a Bill Pay payment. The pending payments that have not been processed may get cancelled. The online banking of Sovereign Bank offers you free Bill Pay service. Simply login to the online banking and select the "pay bills" option and get engaged in the payment process. Through email one can get to know more about the banking payments made, delivery and summary of the bill.

Bill Pay Service simply grants you an electronic option that enables you to send payments to the billers. Using Bill Pay service is safe and secure as this bank has the layers of technology which prevents and ensures the security of the transactions made. Payment Center is the location where your payment information is consolidated. The biller receives your payment on the payment date you entered.

Your payment is sent in three methods electronically, electronic check (Corporate) and paper check (laser draft). Your payment history is stored in bill pay data center for 6 months (180 days). The supported browsers for bill pay service include internet explorer, firefox and safari.

To know more about Sovereign Bank Bill Pay service and login you can log on to its official website.



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