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Discover rewards are being offered through various rewards programs and the partners that have been tied up since the last decades. These rewards programs are available through out the calendar which has been classified into various parts. The 5% cash back bonus is provided in following schemes.
  • January – March: On travel and its related matter.
  • April – June: On home and fashion.
  • July – August: Gas, Hotels, Movies and Theme Parks.
  • September: Grocery and Drug stores.
  • October – December: Restaurants and Fashion.
It is advisable for all customers to visit the company’s website for precise and latest information. At the same time you can also download the latest rewards catalog from their website.

Discover Card Rewards Credit Card

The Discover credit cards also provide the full packed rewards facility. Most of the Discover credit cards are accompanied with rewards programs like double and 5% cash back bonuses. On the other hand the Miles cards offered by the company itself also provide Double Miles rewards on first travel of $3,000 and 2 miles on every purchase for $1. These cards can apply via online as well as through the phone. The invitation code accompanied with the application for can be used for online application.

Discover Card Rewards Partners

The Discover Card has been partnered with various rewards offering companies and merchants. These partners are categorized into two major types i.e. Cash Back and Miles Rewards partners. They have allowed customers to redeem the points collected from certain purchasing or buying. Over hundreds of partners are being tying with Discover Card and some of which are very familiar amongst the people includes Walmart Sam’s Club (Sams Club), Sears and Amazon. For detailed information on cash back and miles rewards partners, you can follow the links given below.

Discover Card Rewards Program

The Discover Card offers various rewards programs for the entire customers and card members. A list of notable rewards programs offered by the company is given below.
  • It Pays to Discover: It enables customers to earn more cash back bonus which can be redeemed into many more.
  • Earn Cashback Bonus: This program offers cash rewards on every purchases.
  • Redeem Cashback Bonus: It may be very useful gift cards holders and partners which increases the cash or rewards value.
  • 5% Cashback Bonus: The Discover rebate 5% of the cash on buying and purchasing various items and categories such as home improvement, department stores, fuelling gas, dinning in the restaurants or hotels etc. and many others.
  • Shop Discover: With this facility one can earn 5% - 20% cash for shopping with various online retailers.
  • Pay-On-Time Bonus: This basically offers cash rewards for good credit management.
  • Earn and Redeem Miles: one can earn travel points without any restrictions and limitation. These points do not expire and can be redeemed faster with more options.
In addition, the redemption of points collected or earned through various purchase and buying activities can done by login into their respective account via Account Center Log In.

For further detailed information on Discover Card Rewards, one can review the FAQs and other resources available on the website given below.



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