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Discover Card

is the major credit card particularly used in United States. It is completely owned by Discover Financial Services - a leading card issuer in US like as the Visa, MasterCard and American Express etc. According to its history, the Discover Card was also a part of the Morgan Stanley before it became the sole independent company in 2007. Earlier it was operated with Novus, a US based company and major credit card partner of Discover Card. Since the retirement of Novus, the logo on card has been replaced by the Discover Network logo. In several locations, the company has also linked up with various types of merchant services and payment networks such as PULSE Walmart Sams Club and Dinners Club International in Europe.

The company does not only issue the credit cards but also provides other services and products such as savings, money market, CDs, prepaid gift cards and others etc. The Discover Financial Services offers various jobs, employment and careers opportunities. On the other hand the scholarships and loans for higher studies are also available. For further details, check on the company's website.

Discover Card Credit Card

The Discover Credit Cards are available in various designs and collections with low introductory APR. In fact the card members can enjoy several features benefits and advantages such as cash back rewards on every purchase such as gas, groceries from the stres, unlimited airline booking facility, travel miles, offers and discount in hotels and restaurants etc. Additionally one can shop at malls and markets etc with Discover Cards. The online shopping through various web portals such as Amazon and others also made easier. The following types of credit cards are offered by Discover Bank, one can apply as per the requirements and needs.
  • Cashback Cards
  • Miles Card
  • Business Cards
  • Student Cards
There are no annual fees for all the credit cards offered by the company but the applicable charges and fees for cash advance, foreign exchange and transactions are apply. The detailed information about the interest rates and others can be obtained from their websites.

Discover Card Login

login facility enables lots of activities which can be done online. In order to access the information about the credit card account, one can sign in into the "Secure Account Center Log In" with the respective user Id or account number and password. Moreover one can also review the account summary, statement, credit limit and minimum payment due date as well as the online bill payment and tracking credit score also possible with this facility.

Discover Card Rewards

Basically the Discover Bank provides various bonuses, rewards and affiliate programs with all the available credit cards. These rewards may be in terms of gifts, offers, deals, promotions or any other types of discounts and cash back. One can also get more on travel credit cards like car rental and travel insurance.

Discover Card Online

The Discard Card online makes many services easier and faster. For instance every one can make online payment for their credit card through the online banking services. On the other the online shopping from your computers, mobile phone with suitable app and other devices like Iphone, Ipad and Android etc. In addition, this online service allows customers to update the information on "My Account" section; account management, balance transfers, automatic bill payment, and also provides on line security and protection such as secure online account numbers, fraud protection and others. These credit card services and facility can be accessed only when you log in into your account.

The online application for credit cards is accepted by the bank. At the same time the status of the application can also be checked via online. On the other hand you can also use the invitation code accompanied with the form while applying if it is provided by the bank. If you have query about the card activation and cancellation, contact the customer service given below for further assistance.

Customer Service:
Discover Consumer Card
Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 30943
Salt Lake City, Utah, UT 84130-0943

Phone Number: 1-800-DISCOVER or 1-800-347-2683 (US only)
1-801-902-3100 (outside US)
1-800-347-7449 (TDD - hearing impaired)

Discover Business Card
Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 3023
New Albany, OH 43054-3023

Phone Number: 1-888-DISCOVER (1-888-347-2683)

Discover Card Payment

The credit card payment can be made through various ways and options such as online, by phone or by mail. The payment should be made within the normal grace period of 20 days to avoid the late payment fees. The payment billing address for both the consumer and business credit cards are as follows

Credit Card Payment Mailing Address:

Discover Consumer Card
Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 6103
Carol Stream, Illinois IL 60197-6103

Discover Business Card
P.O. Box 6103
Carol Stream, Illinois, IL 60197-6103

In case, you have lost your card or someone has stolen away, you can put your complaints or report any kind of fraud activities at the following address.

Fraud Complaints:
Outside U.S. 1-801-902-3100
TDD: 1-800-347-7449

For further detail information on Discover Credit Card scam, debt settlement, bad credit, commercial peggy, CVV numbers and others, please log on to the websites given below and search for whatever you want.



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