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Discover Card Insurance

Discover Card insurances are primarily offered to its card holders. Especially the “Escape by Discover” holders have more advantages and benefits. The major insurances available with the Discover Card are as follows.
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Travel Delay Insurance
  • Primary Car Rental Insurance
  • Lost or Damaged Luggage Insurance
  • Life insurance
The Trip Cancellation Insurance offers $2,500 as the reimbursement to “Escape” card holders, provided that if you cancelled your trip before the date of departure and in other case, if you are interrupted during the journey or trip. For any related issues, contact them at the following details.

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption
Evidence of Coverage
Virginia Surety Company, Inc.
175 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60604

In case of your scheduled trip is delayed more than six hours, the Travel Delay Insurance will reimbursed an amount of upto $150 per day including food and lodging expenses consecutively for three days. All the relevant issues will be handled at the following department.

Trip Delay
Evidence of Coverage
Virginia Surety Company, Inc.
175 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60604
The details of the insurances mentioned above, their terms and conditions, instruction for filing claims and many others can be obtained from the link given below.

Discover Card Insurance Car

The Discover auto or car rental insurance is made available to those Discover Card holders. Thus, every card members may have the chance to get the insurance plan of $25,000, provided that the following conditions are fulfilled.
  • If the rental agency declined any kind of coverage and insurance.
  • If you have damages due to collision etc.
The “Coverage” mentioned above may differ for the personal and business card holders. Therefore, to know more about the coverage or any other assistance, you can call 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683). Alternatively you can also review the coverage description which is downloadable from the link given below.

In Addition, the Discover Card holders have the opportunity to avail an amount of $500,000 as the Flight Accident Insurance, in case the card holders purchase the airline ticket by using Discover Card.

The claims for such kind of travel insurance are administered by Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. Therefore all the related claims can be put at the following address.

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
Claims Service Center
600 Independence Parkway
P O Box 4700
Chesapeake, VA 23327-4700
Fax: 800 300 2538

Discover Card Insurance Life

Discover Card offers life insurance in association with Allstate Life Insurance Company. They have also simplified the way to get the necessary life insurance protection. This life insurance provides coverage for the entire family of the policy holders. Beside the coverage provided by the company, they also provide various benefits, discounts and advantages. For instance a customer can get 10% discount on Discover Card and moreover the benefit of convenient billing.

If you wish to apply the Discover Card Life Insurance, you can contact at 1-888-565-1394 from 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. CT on all days except Sunday. Alternatively, you can follow the following link for more detailed information on life insurance.

The detailed information on Discover Card property and casualty insurance may obtain from the following website and other resources available on the web.



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