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CIMB Online

CIMB Online Banking Service provides the convenience of 24/7 banking and account management advantage to its loyal customers. Through the internet banking and online financial services portal CIMB Click, customers are offered to enjoy the ease and convenience of performing any banking related activities at their own convenient time and zone. Beside internet banking service, CIMB also provides online trading services allowing investors to make transaction or track investment portfolios anytime and anywhere at their own convenience. With the online banking service, application for any available products and services offered by CIMB Bank is hassle-free. Internet banking facility is provided free of cost in all the operating locations of CIMB Group- Malaysia, Singapore, Niaga in Indonesia and Thailand etc.

CIMB Online Banking

With the internet banking facility provided by CIMB Bank, customers can enjoy a number of convenient banking advantages. They can perform any banking activities from the comfort of their own home. Customers can anytime whenever they feel like or needs arise, visit the internet banking login page and sign in to access their account from the comfort of their personal computer. They can manage any accounts be it credit card, loan, savings and investments in one convenient screen. Customers can easily manage the entire account activities without any difficulty.

They can view transaction history, make bill payment, transfer funds, reload account balance, receive online statement, check available credit card balance, and more using CIMB online service.

CIMB Online Banking Registration

Registration to CIMB Bank online banking service is never a matter of concern. It is very simple, easy and absolutely free of cost. Customers can simply register by providing some required personal information and account details like account number and the like. On being successfully registered with full detailed information, customers will be entitled with a user name and password for the login purpose. On being entitled with a valid user name and password, customers will be ready to sign in to enjoy the ease and convenience of banking online.

CIMB Online Trading

CIMB Bank provides online share trading service to investors through iTrade platform. This online stock trading service which is provided by CIMB Investment Bank provides a number of opportunities to investors. It allows them to trade shares, place orders and manage investment accounts and portfolios. The service also provides investors the convenience to access investment banking and help take control of their investments. CIMB also launched online top up service for ASNB fixed-price unit trust funds allowing registered ASNB investors to make additional investments. Investors who are accessing CIMB iTrade service can take part in Online Stock Challenge Game by registering at

For more details about CIMB Online Bazaar service and all related information, customers may call the CIMB call center hotline by dialing 1 300 880 900 or may log on to the official website of the company.



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