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CIMB Unit Trust

CIMB Group offers a wide range of Unit Trust Funds helping investors meet their different investment objectives by providing them attractive rate of returns. Through the in-depth knowledge and expertise of its wealth advisors, CIMB Group can help choose the right products and can help match their return profile to the appropriate unit trusts. There are also several agent and consultant who can help you at every step of your application process. Investors are also provided exceptional trust services with strategies and tools that can help them protect and preserve their wealth across their generations.

CIMB also provides convenient online services facilitating investors to easily and quickly invest anytime and from anywhere at their convenience. With the online tools and services provided by the Group, investors also can easily manage their investment portfolios and can instantly transact and keep track their portfolio’s performances.

CIMB Unit Trust Islamic

With CIMB Principal Asset Management, investors are offered a variety of Syariah-compliant unit trust funds. Through the CIMB Principal, investors are offered Islamic unit trust products such as CIMB Islamic Enhanced Sukuk Fund, CIMB Islamic Short Term Sukuk Fund, Islamic Balanced Growth Fund and CIMB Islamic Equity Aggressive Fund.

CIMB Islamic Asset Management got the best Asset Management Company award 2010 in Malaysia. Individuals may log in to the Group website to view the fund performance chart and to know the daily prices of Islamic funds offered by the CIMB Principal.

CIMB Unit Trust EPF

CIMB Principal also offers a variety of Syariah-compliant unit trust funds and Conventional unit trust funds for Employees Provident Fund Members Investment Scheme (EPF-MIS). The CIMB Principal Syariah-compliant Unit Trust Funds include such as CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Growth Fund, Islamic DALI Equity Theme Fund, Islamic Equity Aggressive Fund, Islamic Small Cap Fund, Islamic Balance Growth Fund, Islamic Balance Fund, Islamic Sukuk Fund, and Islamic Money Market Fund.

The CIMB Principal offers Conventional Unit Trust Funds such as CIMB Principal Aggressive Fund 1, Principal Equity Aggressive Fund 3, CIMB Principal Equity Fund, Principal Equity Fund 2, Principal Small Cap Fund, Principal Income Plus Balanced Fund, Principal Bond Fund, Principal Strategic Bond Fund and CIMB-Principal Deposit Fund. To know more about these unit trust funds offered at CIMB Principal, individuals may contact the customer care call center at (03) 7718 3100.

For more info about CIMB Unit Trust and to know in detailed about Unit Trust KWSP, Principal Unit Trust products and services and to view the daily unit trust prices, individuals may please log on to the official website of the company. Individuals also may contact the CIMB Bank Berhad customer care hotline 1-300-880-900 anytime and anywhere.



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