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CIMB Credit Card

CIMB Bank offers a variety of Credit Cards with unique set of features and designs offering a number of rewards and services to the cardmembers. It is offered with a wide range of benefit programs including complete financial freedom with no annual fees, cash rebate, bonus point redemption program, easy and flexi payment plan, 0% interest balance transfer, competitive finance charges for retail transactions, and travel insurance etc. Cardholders can enjoy certain preferential privileges and can enjoy exclusive discounts for live concerts, and musical shows in the CIMB Bank Corporate Suite with special rate. Cardmembers can enjoy exciting rewards whenever they spend using the CIMB Bank/Islamic or direct access credit card. They can redeem a variety of rewards from the selection of rewards catalogue and can get amazing discounts from over 500 merchants.

CIMB Bank Credit Card

Individuals are offered to choose from the range of credit cards that would best reward and meet their needs and requirements. The Bank offer cards such as CIMB World MasterCard, Platinum MasterCard and Visa, Gold MasterCard & Visa, Classic MasterCard & Visa, CIMB Visa Infinite, Visa Signature, CIMB Touch and Go Visa Card, and CIMB PETRONAS MasterCard etc. CIMB Bank Platinum Card is made available with annual fee free for life and allowed cardmembers to enjoy preferential privileges. The Gold Card annual fee is RM140 and Classic RM70. CIMB Bank charges cash advance fee of 5% of the amount drawn or a minimum of RM15 whichever is higher for withdrawal of money. Cardmembers are required to pay minimum monthly repayment of 5% of the balance or a minimum of RM50 on payment due date. For replacement of the card, the bank charges RM10 for first time and RM50 for every subsequent replacement.

CIMB Credit Card Application

With the online service provided by the bank, application of CIMB Credit Card is hassle-free. Individuals can simply log on to the bank’s website, complete the online application form providing all the required information and submit it to the bank for approval. Individuals applied through online also can check their application status simultaneously. Activation also can be done easily through online by providing the demand information.

To apply for any credit card offered by CIMB Bank, applicants have to meet all the requirements demanded by the bank. Applicants should be a citizen of Malaysia with minimum age of 21 years for Principal holder and 18 years for supplementary cardholder. To apply for CIMB World MasterCard and Infinite, Platinum Card, Gold and Classic, applicants should have total income of RM200,000 RM80,000, RM30,000, and RM18,000 per annum respectively. Applicants should furnish a photocopy of IC both sides, latest salary slip or income tax receipts, business registration certificate if self employed, and last 3 months business bank statements.

CIMB Credit Card Online

CIMB provides online banking services facilitating customers to enjoy all banking related activities without any difficulty. Cardmembers are offered the privilege to enjoy the convenience of 24/7 account access. Internet banking service provided by the bank is user-friendly and secure as well. Secure Code is provided to all its potential cardmembers to ensure full security for every information and transactions details of the cardmembers. CIMB Bank carmembers can confidently login in to make bill payment, transfer funds, etc. They can anytime sign in to review account activity, view transaction history, receive online statement, check available card balance and reward point, and more.

CIMB Credit Card Promotion

CIMB offers exciting promotion offer exclusively to its credit cardholders with dining privileges in various hotels and restaurants and complimentary coffee at Dome’s Café etc. Cardmembers can get exclusive discounts and bonus from the various merchants. Considerable amount of discounts are also offered for tickets to various live concerts and musical shows etc. For detailed promotion in Malaysia as well as in Singapore, cardmembers can log on and check from the website of the company.

Cardmembers can experience exceptional customer service from the dedicated team of CIMB Bank customer service representative. They are provided round the clock customer service both online as well as offline with helpline number. For any query or problem, cardmembers may contact the CIMB Bank call centre by dialing the customer care hotline at 1 300 880 900. Cardmembers also can reach by calling the tel number 03 - 6204 7799 (Platinum), 03 - 6204 7788 (Gold & Classic), or can email to For more info about CIMB Credit Card and related details such as credit card advisor, credit limit, installment plan, loan, machine and more, please visit the official website of the company.



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