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CIMB Exchange Rate

CIMB Bank offers an extensive network of foreign currency exchange services offering the best exchange rate in the country. The Bank is the first one to introduced Foreign Cash ATM service in Malaysia as well as in the whole of the region. With the launched of this facility and service, customers of CIMB Bank can enjoy the convenience of withdrawing foreign currencies at any time from any ATM center provided by the bank. The facility is made available to all CIMB Bank/CIMB Islamic credit card or ATM card holders. Individuals holding ATM card with Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS) from selected banks also can enjoy the CIMB Bank Foreign Cash ATM facility. Customers have the privilege to withdraw upto 8 foreign currencies including US Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, Japanese Jen, Hong Kong Dollar, Thai Baht, Chinese Renminbi and Indonesian Rupiah.

CIMB Exchange Rate Malaysia

With the launched of Foreign Cash ATM facility and by making it available through a large ATM network operation by the bank, CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic credit card or ATM cardholders can easily access to cash advances in their desired currency. The bank provides very competitive rate which is best and lowest in the town. The facility has eliminated the inconvenience of withdrawing the Malaysian Ringgit from the bank where one has to exchange it to the desired currency from counters of money changers. CIMB Bank Foreign Cash ATMs in Malaysia can be found at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Low Cost Carrier Terminal and Menara Bumiputra-Commerce.

The entire commitment at CIMB Bank is to offer a comprehensive range of banking facilities and convenience to its potential customers. For this the bank has been continuously expanding and enhancing its ATM services and now the bank has fully integrated regional ATM network of more than 3,750. The facility is available not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Customers from the above countries can enjoy cross-border ATM facility in their own country’s currency with competitive rate. Potential cardmembers in Malaysia can take advantage and can enjoy free Touch and Go reloads benefit at the bank’s ATMs which waived RMO.50 charge when they reload their card value via direct debit from their accounts.

CIMB Exchange Rate Calculator

CIMB Bank provides a very useful and easy to use online tool known as Calculator which facilitates customers to calculate their affordability and eligibility for home financing and auto financing program as well as monthly payment installment amount. The same tool also helps customers calculate foreign exchange rate when they convert Ringgit Malaysia to Foreign Currency or vice-versa. Through the tool, customers can know the current exchange rate of different currencies for different countries. Customers can log in to check the latest foreign exchange counter rates and list of country’s currencies updated on the official website of the company.

For more information about CIMB Bank Exchange Rate and related details, please log on to or Customers may also call the customer service number at 1 300 880 900 or visit any CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic branch office. To know more about CIMB Group and its History, please visit the official website of the company.



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