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Union Bank of California Locations

Union Bank of California holds total assets of about $85 billion and it is ranked as the third largest commercial bank in California. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the Bank provides banking products and services to the individuals, institutions, small businesses and major corporations. It also offers investment and wealth management related products and services to its customers. Today, the bank operates as much as 397 banking offices in California, Oregon, Washington and Texas, and two other international offices. Operating more than 560 ATMs across the US and 300,000 plus globally, the Bank has several locations and one can easily get in touch with the nearest branch of the Bank by simply using the location finder available on the website of the bank. It has its branch locations in almost all the major cities and serves ATMs in almost all corners across California and throughout US.

Having knowledge about the branch locations and its ATMs centre is essential so as to be more convenient in case any problem arises or to access the ATMs. Moreover, to know about the facilities and the services that the Bank provides, users should at least know some branch locations and its offices. Given below are some branch address of several locations of the Bank and one can contact to its nearest office for any query or information about the Bank.

Headquarter Office Address
400 California Street,
San Francisco, CA-94104, USA
Tel: +1 415 765 0400
(415) 705-7000

Union Bank of California Locations in San Diego

Main Office
1201 5th Avenue,
San Diego, CA, US,
(619) 230-466

Branch Locations
Ste 420, 530 B Street,
San Diego, CA,
(619) 230-3477

Branch Locations
4660 La Jolla Drive,
San Diego, CA,
(858) 552-2064

Hillcrest Office
3900 5th Avenue,
San Diego, CA,
(619) 682-5160

College Centre Office
6010 El Cajon Boulevard,
San Diego, CA, US
(619) 286-9129

North Park Office
2927 University Avenue,
San Diego, CA, US,
(619) 220-7620

Mission Valley Office
5680 Mission Centre Road,
San Diego, CA, US,
(619) 294-7423

City Heights Office
4390 University Avenue,
San Diego, CA, US,
(619) 285-7045

Pacific Beach Office
1706 Garnet Avenue,
San Diego, CA, US,
(858) 581-5103

Kearny Mesa Office
7770 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard,
San Diego, CA, US,
(858) 569-2300

Union Bank Locations in Orange County

Airport Office
2001 Michelson Drive,
Irvine, CA, US

Huntington Beach Office
16141 Beach Boulevard,
Huntington Beach, CA, US,
(714) 847-9681

Irvine-Foodpath Office
17951 MacArthur Boulevard, CA, US,
(949) 250-0580

Branch Offices, Anaheim Hills Office
13300 Newport Avenue, Tustin, CA, US,
(714) 730-8252

University Office
3200 Yorba Linda Boulevard,
Fullerton, CA, US,
(714) 572-1125

Laguna Hills Office
23511 Peseo De Valencia,
Laguna Hills, CA, US,
(949) 830-3200

Adams Avenue Office
8899 Adams Venue,
Huntington Beach, CA, US,
(714) 962-3377

Laguna Niguel Office
27211 La Paz Road,
Laguna Niguel, CA, US,
(9490 448-8550

Other than the above mentioned locations, user can find branches in Las Vegas, Washington, Sacramento, Lincoln NE, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Freshno, San Fernando Valley, and San Francisco by using Location Finder available on the official website of the Bank.



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