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Union Bank of California Loans

Union Bank of California with its flexible financing options offers a wide range of loans to meet the borrowing needs of the customers. From the minute household expenses to purchasing of a house, Union Bank helps you to achieve your goal with its lines of credit, loans and credit cards. The Bank understands the borrowing needs of the customer giving them the power to finance their dreams. It offers Home Loans of various options in flexible rates like Fixed/ Adjustable Rate Mortgage or Combination of both. The bank allows Home Equity Options with lowest possible interest rate. Union bank also facilitates personal loans to the individuals for meeting everyday needs and manage day to day business. Customer can realize their dream of owning a house or a car by obtaining the benefits of the loans offered by the Union Bank. The Bank offers loans for all budgets and lifestyles.

Home Loans

Union Bank provides home loans based on the individuals' current and future financial circumstances. It gives wide choice in mortgage agreement with the options that suit one's need. Mortgages that are offered by the bank with competitive priced loans and financing options can make your dream a reality. The bank offers three Mortgage options and they are-
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Combination Mortgage

The bank offers to choose mortgage that suit one's need and offers Special Home Loan with no appraisal fee up to $500. Users can avail the home loan that Union bank offers by talking to a relationship Manager nearest to you or call 1-866-UB-LOANS to speak with Mortgage Consultant.

Personal Loans

Union Bank of California offers personal loans to the individuals to meet their requirements. It helps manage household activities and fulfill day to day borrowing needs. One can borrow or receive lump sum amount through lines of credit and unsecured loans that the bank offers. Unsecured Personal loans provide an immediate lump sum and fixed, monthly payments. Interested individuals may call 1-866-UB-LOANS to avail personal loan at Union Bank.

Students Loans

Individuals can make use of the student loans provided by the Union Bank of California. Student can obtain the loan to pay the tuition fees or any amount due in college or school. This loan is provided under unsecured loan option so that individuals can get benefited anytime whenever the need arises.

Auto Loans

Union Bank of California helps individuals in fulfilling their dream of owning a vehicle. The bank offer finances for used auto as well as new one with competitive rates and terms that suits the customers' needs. It provides loans like- New and pre-owned auto loans, Recreational vehicle loans and Boat loans. To own a new vehicle or to maintain the old ones, desire to hit the highway with a luxurious car or to have a boat to hit the lake, Union Bank has it all to finance your need. To apply online and to make use of these loans call 1-866-UB-LOANS.

Home Equity Loans

Union Bank helps shaping one's ambitions in life through Home Equity loans. From consolidating high interest-rate debt, invest one's child education to starting a new project Union Bank has everything to finance the needs. It offers various options like- Home equity line of credit and Second property lines of credit help access the equity in the properties you own. Mortgage provided by the Union Bank suits the convenience of the applicants. It is flexible in terms of application of mortgage rate and can convert if needed. For clients who maintain a minimum of $1 million in deposits and or investments with Union Bank and its affiliates, the bank offer with an innovative mortgage that enable to lock in a competitive interest rate and even lower rate in future without refinancing.

Loan Modification

When faced with problems in meeting the mortgage obligation Union bank of California steps in to find solution. The bank representatives assess the current financial status of the customers and help them out with suitable solution options such as- Repayment Plan, Loan Modification, Forbearance, Short Sale and Deed in lieu of Foreclosure. One can also call the toll-free number 1-800-841-4956 to discuss various options.

For more related information about the loans provided by the Union Bank and its benefits, or to apply online or talk to Consultant, individuals can get in touch through this number 1 -866-UB-LOANS.

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