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Union Bank of California Routing Number

Union Bank of California provides every possible means for carrying out various banking activities for the needs and convenience of the customers. The Bank provides Routing Number for making any wire transfers, online transactions or setting up direct deposit to the Union Bank account. The Bank's Routing Number also known as ABA number or routing transit number is a nine digit number which is given at the bottom left-hand corner of the bank's check or deposit slip. Union Bank of California routing number is 122000496. But if you are ordering checks this routing number will differ according to its branches and regions where individuals account was opened.

Routing Number is very essential for any users and customers of the Union Bank of California. Using this routing number, users can avail direct deposits from other employer, companies or agencies to their union Bank account. It also facilitates paying bills automatically from Union Bank account to anywhere. For making such transactions users have to complete a form and provide the Union Bank account number and the 9- digit routing number. Routing Number, thus provide useful tools in many essential activities and Union Bank offers all such services to its customers.

It is worth noticing that Union Bank of California offers different routing numbers depending on the locations and branches of the bank. Users can identify their branches through their routing number given by the bank. Here are a few routing numbers provided by the bank corresponding to their locations:

Locations Routing Numbers
California 122000496
Oregon 123000068
Washington 125000118

To avail direct deposit to one's account and to make any automatic bill payment, users need to provide routing number and account number of the bank. Sometimes it may also be required to provide the bank's name, complete address and telephone number. For more information related to wire transfers and direct deposits, one may call the customer service representative at 1-888-818-6060.

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