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Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

BNY Mellon Corporation is a leading global financial services provider. Until its merger with the Mellon Financial Corporation, the bank was known as Bank of New York, providing financial services to the clients around the world. Today, with the merger of Mellon Financial Corporation the bank became known as Bank of New York Mellon or BNY Mellon. With corporate headquarters and office in New York, BNY Mellon Inc. has total asset of $21.8 trillion under custody and $1 trillion under management, operating in 36 countries and serving in more than 100 markets worldwide. The bank offers financial services like Asset Management, Asset Servicing, Wealth Management, Securities Services, Broker Dealer and Advisory Services, Issuer Services, Treasury Services and corporate trust services. Institutions, Corporations, Governments, and High-Net-Worth Individuals are some potential Clients of the BNY Mellon. The bank helps move and build financial assets of the organizations and enhance operating efficiency and performance. And financial solutions such as investment and wealth management, private banking, mortgage, and shareowner services are provided to the individuals. The bank also offers discounts and freebies known as Corporate Perks on several product lines.

Bank of New York Mellon Corporation Foundation

Bank of New York Corporation was founded on the 9th of June 1784 by the American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton in the old Walton Mansion in New York City. It was the first company to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange when it was first opened in 1792. On December 4, 2006, Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation decided to merge, and on July 2, 2007 the two banks merged into one, becoming the world's larges asset management and securities services provider. Right from the beginning of its foundation, the bank had embraced the challenges that the clients faced and helped them monitor and thrive in the complex financial markets. Focusing on the needs of the businesses and careful management of wealth the bank still continues serving clients all over the world with several financial solutions. It is the promise and goal of BNY Mellon that it will continue doing well with the same spirit and commitment in serving the needs and requirements of their clients.

BNY Mellon Corporate Trust

The BNY Mellon provides the world's leading corporate trust services with unparalleled expertise and innovative services to help clients meet the market needs. With 4,000 strong and dedicated employees, the bank manages around $12 trillion in outstanding debt from 58 locations in 20 countries worldwide. The bank can provide and deliver right services to the Issuers of debt securities and other participants in the world's debt market. BNY corporate trust operations, in every transaction, involve processes that can help meet the needs and requirements of the issuers and investors around the world. Meet the top US Trustee at BNY Mellon who, along with all its subsidiaries and affiliates, is clearly the most reliable and hence the most favorite corporate trust administrator in the country. As the world's leading provider of corporate trust and agency services, the bank have the resources and capabilities to help meet all the needs that arise with customized services, specialized services and a range of structured credit and conventional debt services. BNY Mellon Inc. and its subsidiaries may also lend and provide other products and services to the debt securities issuers and others too. For details on BNY Mellon corporate trust department and more on conventional debt, customized services, specialized services and structured credit card services please visit bank's website and get detailed information.

For detailed information about BNY Mellon Corporation and to know more details about its foundation, trust operations and services and to read the bank annual report on form 10-k of the previous years operations you may log on to the official website of the bank.

Bank of New York Corporate Address

One Wall Street
New York, NY 10286



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