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Bank of New York Mellon Investment

The ultimate goal at BNY Mellon Asset Management is building and delivering superior and highly-performing strategies and solutions to help meet in every client's investment needs. The bank has vast experience with world class specialized investment banking solutions in helping to meet the needs of the world's government, corporations, foundations, endowments, advisors, intermediaries and mutual fund investors. The bank's specialist asset managers are fully committed to what the entire bank offers, that enhance them to deliver the first-hand investment management solutions in all assets classes such as Equity, Fixed Income, International and Alternative Investments, and Liquidity Management. BNY Mellon Cash Investment Strategies offer a wide range of high-quality cash management products such as money market funds, short-duration, stable value, bond index strategies and cash collateral reinvestment options. Moreover, the Strategies can provide investment funds and other options to help meet any institutional cash management needs.

BNY Mellon has acquired PNC's Global Investment Servicing Inc. business, a leading investment servicing US Inc. and a leading provider of custody, fund accounting, transfer agency and outsourcing solutions for asset managers and financial advisors. With the acquisition, and together with variety of GIS capabilities in investment services, Bank of New York Mellon has enhanced its position in supporting fund managers and financial advisors worldwide.

The strategic asset allocation and strategic investment architecture which is designed to provide expert strategic guidance as well as access to the expertise of the Bank of New York Mellon's Asset Management Inc. can provide the best ideas of the bank's entire firm. The capabilities of BNY Mellon reflects direct investment management approach which helps one to achieve lower costs and take greater control on tax consequences. The bank is well experienced in all investment banking purposes and hold private banking as an entire part of client's wealth management strategy. The bank had also appointed Curtis Arledge who has more than two decades of asset management and relevant banking experience as the vice chairman of the corporation and CEO of the BNY Mellon Asset Management.

BNY Mellon Investor Services

Bank of New York Mellon Investor Services provide every individual investor a wide range of useful transactional tools that help them to become more informed, responsible and successful investors. With extensive resources and expertise, the bank provides well regulated and controlled service model committing to meet client's needs and requirements. The bank is fully committed to assisting prospective investors in helping them obtain useful information through appropriate tools and services. Investors can obtain stock prices and find out company's direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plans, and can also obtain market information like stock quotes and charts, etc. For any queries or information one may contact the bank's Investor Relations:

Andy Clark
BNY Mellon Center - Room 151-5210
Pittsburgh, PA 15258
Phone: +1 412 234 4633
Fax: +1 412 236 5461
E-mail: Investor Relations

Investors can easily access their accounts online and manage all portfolios and transact investor business through the Investor ServiceDirect online service provided by the bank. One can view and compare the investment plans online to buy stock directly from the issuing company. The Investor Direct facilitates the purchase of stock directly from the issuing authority. One may login to Investor ServiceDirect by entering the 12-digit Investor ID and PIN to access their accounts or to find out Direct Stock Purchase Plans and Dividend Reinvestment Plans which the bank has made available online. Through the online service on the Investor Reporting site one can easily access detailed payment and collateral reporting data. And the Bondholder Service Center allows one to access a range of services and enables one to perform a variety of actions. It is a central location where one can search for a bond issue or submit an enquiry, obtain transfer instructions, download tax forms, and many more services can be availed.

For more details on Bank of New York Mellon Investment and other related information like Investment Funds, Investor Services, Investor Service Direct and more please log on to the bank's official website.



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