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Bank of New York Mellon Routing Number

Bank of New York Mellon Routing Number may vary according to the type of transaction and the location of the branch where this transaction is carried out. Since a merger between the Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation occurred in 2007, a possibility of multiple routing numbers for a particular state or location can not be ruled out. This is probably the major reason that makes it difficult to find accurate information on a bank's routing transit number (RTN) online. Also known as ABA number since it is assigned by American Bankers Association, this has nine digits, which act like a code identifying the financial institution, the city and state where it is located and the nature of transaction.

The first two digits of the nine-digit routing number represent one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks located at twelve different locations in the US. For example, 02 is the code attributed to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, and so for all Bank of New York Mellon branches in New York City or in an area falling under this zone, the routing number will start with the digit 02. You can verify this by looking at the bottom of a check issued by the bank. Even if you are not sure of this you can always dial the customer service department to obtain the accurate number.

BNY Mellon Swift Code

We will help you find out correct BNY Mellon Swift Code as well. Swift code is an identification code for a financial institution operating in a particular geographical location across the globe. Also known as Business Identifiers Codes (BIC), these numbers are issued in a format standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Swift code is needed when you want to transfer money from one bank to another using international wire transfers. Consisting of either 8 or 11 characters, the code provides information on the name of the institution, the country of its operation and the location of its headquarters. Use the resources supplied on the page to find Bank of New York Mellon Swift Code.

To serve individuals residing in the states and regions mentioned below find their routing number, we provide here few routing numbers of some states and their branch locations. Individuals residing in these areas may check if their routing number is of the mentioned branch locations. And those individuals whose states and branch locations are not mentioned here may contact the branch nearest to them and find out their respective branch and account's routing number. It is always the first 9-digit number on the bottom right of the check issued by bank.

State/LocationRouting Number
New York021000018
Pittsburgh PA043019265
Pittsburgh PA021101470
Pittsburgh PA021908288
Pittsburgh PA021902352
Pittsburgh PA021000678
Pittsburgh PA021902446

For more details on Bank of New York Mellon's Routing Number and to know the specific branch's routing number one may contact the bank's branch location closest to their area. One may also log on to the official website of the bank for more info.



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