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Bank of New York Mellon Locations

A leading global financial service provider, Bank of New York Mellon's operating locations spread across 36 countries, serving in more than 100 markets worldwide. The bank provides financial solutions to clients around the world. Its worldwide clients include Governments, Corporations, Institutions, Organizations, and High-net-worth individuals. Financial Services provided by the bank include asset management, asset servicing, wealth management, broker-dealer and advisory services, issuance services, and treasury services. Individuals and organizations seeking BNY Mellon financial services will find asset and wealth management solutions and other financial services abundantly in several parts of the United States like NYC, New Jersey, California, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, Washington, and several other cities. One can also find two other international offices in London and Hong Kong and several other operating branches in parts of Europe and Asia Pacific. BNY Mellon International Limited is situated in London with Family Office Services and as a Bank of New York Mellon Financial Centre.

BNY Mellon Headquarters

Bank of New York Mellon is headquartered at New York and the main head office is also located in New York itself. Beneficiaries of BNY Mellon Financial Services may contact its main head office, if not in any other operating branch offices with respect to their services. The corporate head office of BNY Mellon is given below with its full address and phone number.

Bank of New York Mellon Headquarter office
One Wall Street
New York, NY 10286
United States
Phone: 212-495-1784
Fax: 212-495-2546

For the convenience of the prospective clients of Bank of New York Mellon, we also provide here some location's addresses and contact numbers with respective of their available services. Seekers of BNY Mellon financial services may visit the branch office nearest to them or contact through phone for any financially-related information and solutions respectively.

BNY Mellon Shareowner Services
480 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, New Jersey 07310
(201) 680-4000

200 W Monroe St # 1590
Chicago, IL 60606-5015
(312) 325-7600

520 Pike St # 1220
Seattle, WA 98101-4029
(206) 674-3030

300 Galleria Pkwy SE
Atlanta, GA 30339-3153
(770) 818-1151

BNY Mellon Asset Servicing
14911 Quorum Dr # 350
Dallas, TX 75254-1484
(972) 980-3100

BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Bank of New York Mellon also maintains several locations across the US and parts of Asia to provide exceptional client services in wealth management program. One can find several operating offices in the United States like New York, New Jersey, California and many other states and locations in the US itself. For any wealth management related information and solutions one may visit or contact the branch location nearest to their area, as in the following we provide some of them with their full addresses.

New York City
One Wall Street
New York, NY 10286

1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

200 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10166

New Jersey
385 Rifle Camp Road
West Paterson, NJ 07424

400 South Hope Street
Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90071

1600 Newport Center Drive
Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Center City
1735 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

One Mellon Center
Lower Lobby
Pittsburgh, PA 15258-0001

1201 Third Avenue
Suite 5010
Seattle, WA 98101

The Bank of New York Mellon Asset Management International Limited is situated in London and its full location address is provided here. One may contact the BNY Mellon Asset management international office in London and Hong Kong at the following given address.

Family Office Services
BNY Mellon Financial Centre
160 Queen Victoria Street

Hong Kong
Three Pacific Place, Level 24
1 Queen's Road East

For more details and to know the full addresses and contact numbers of the BNY Mellon branch locations in the US and other parts of the world please log on to the official website of the bank. One can also find locations and mailing addresses for investor relations, stock agent services and several other information centers.



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