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Royal Bank of Scotland History

Royal Bank of Scotland History has marked a remarkable development in the banking operations. The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC was founded in the year 1727. Its headquarters is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. RBS is possessed by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. The bank provides you an option for personal, private, business and corporate banking services to its customers. Before applying in a bank one always look for the history and its background establishment.

The bank offers several products that include Finance and insurance, consumer banking, corporate, investment, global wealth management, mortgages and credit cards. This bank is one of the oldest banks in UK and it is regarded as the top most banks in United Kingdom. You can find the whole story, its development process from 1727 to the recent year and its various stages on the official website of RBS.

People are keen to find details about the RBS history as it is a very popular bank in United Kingdom. Visit the website to find information on Royal Bank of Scotland historical share price and interest rates. The share price is updated daily so you can view the same on the official website. The share price chart gives you the scope to compare the options based on the recent time period to the historical period. You can view the historical interest rates that include the previous and current rates charged at the gross and net level. See the link for grabbing any information on the Royal Bank of Scotland historical interest rates.

History of RBS

To find out the history of RBS is the chief concern of the majority of the customers. It is necessary to have the background information regarding the operations of the bank. The RBS PLC is the subsidiary bank. It has near about 700 branches especially in Scotland and also in other urban and sub urban areas. The Royal Bank of Scotland Group is the parent company of the RBS bank and it also offers the banking services worldwide.

The subsidiary company of the RBS Group includes Royal Bank of Scotland, National Westminster Bank, Ulster Bank, Direct Line, Citizens Financial Group, ABN AMRO, Coutts & Co., Adam and Company, Child & Co. and RBS Securities. In the year 1953, the bank introduced an option of mobile banking service. In UK, one can find that there are not so many banks that offer mobile banking option but the advanced services offered by this bank is hardly compared by others.



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