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Royal Bank of Scotland Swift Code

Royal Bank of Scotland Swift Code helps in identifying the banks while conducting international wire transfers. American Banker's Association (ABA) helps in establishing the fact about the banking operations. This code includes an alpha-numeric code. Swift code is a bank identification code which is used to distinguish an internationally recognized system of codes to identify the banks. The use of the swift code is to identify the international wires and the routing number is needed to identify the branch and region where your account functions.

The swift code for the Royal Bank of Scotland London is RBOSGB2L. On the website one can see the branches of the bank and the swift code number for performing the various banking activities. Swift code is somewhat similar to the Banker's Identification Code (BIC). Visit the website in order to know more info on RBS swift code, number, transfer and various other details.

Royal Bank of Scotland Routing Number

If you want to know any information on RBS Citizens Routing Number you can find the same here. The routing number is 044015381 of the address: 1 Citizens Drive Riverside RI. According to the zip code the routing number varies from place to place. If you are unsure as to which routing number to use then it is recommended that it is better to contact the bank directly. The Banker's Identification Code (BIC) of the RBS London HQ is RBOSGB2LXXX.

There is no such International Bank Account Number (IBAN) code of this bank, the swift code is ABNAPKKA. The use of IBAN is that it easily improves the efficiency and advances the cross border payments. Routing transit number is a bank code which is usually of nine digits that is usually attached at the bottom of the negotiable instrument like cheque.

With the help of a routing number locator, one can find the specified routing number of the bank. Just enter the name of the bank with its sub divisions. Routing number can help you in estimating that which financial institution is associated with the particular account. The routing number is used while making account handling, payments and direct deposits. It is the prime concern of the customers to find out the Royal Bank of Scotland Routing Number as that is useful and applicable for the banking purpose.



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