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Royal Bank of Scotland Phone Number

Royal Bank of Scotland Phone Number is a useful tool that allows the customers to get in direct contact with the bank representatives and get solutions for their relevant queries. The phone number for the various types of services varies. If you wish to make a call then you need to possess phone number of the specific branch. Thus, it is necessary to acquire knowledge about the phone number of the various branches. The branch locator not only depicts the address of the branches but also its contact number like telephone number and also its opening hours. The branch locator of the Royal Bank of Scotland can be availed from the official website.

The Royal Bank of Scotland Telephone number for direct banking is +44 131 549 8888. People are concerned to find the phone number of Edinburgh branch so the phone number of the bank can be seen on the branch locator. It is very easy to use. The phone no of Royal Bank of Scotland at Glasgow in UK is 0141 550 8202.

To contact for the Digital Banking services you can call at: 0845 600 8212, +44 131 317 4597

To get the support for your bank account or transactions you can make call to the direct banking: 08457 242424, +44 (0) 131 549 8888

To access card reader helpdesk: 0845 300 6433, +44 161 931 9953

If you are looking to call the helpdesk then you can also adopt the option such as textphone: 0845 900 5960, +44 141 308 8045

Under the personal banking section the useful numbers to whom an individual customer may contact shall find here the contact numbers.

Types of Service Phone Number
To Join RBS 0808 100 0808
Current Accounts 0800 121 129
Loss of Debit Cards 0870 513 3550
Apply for Credit Card 0800 072 1999
Loss of Credit Card 0870 600 0459
Mortgage Queries 0800 056 3220
Loan Queries 0800 121 121
Savings Queries 0808 100 9510
Insurance Queries 0845 301 5724
Telephone Banking 0845 724 2424

The customers who wish to apply for the private banking can call at the phone number as they are provided with two options. For the new customers they can call at 0800 051 9955 and for the existing customers they can contact at (0845 30 30 600).

For applying to the business banking account you can call at these contact numbers.

Business Banking Service Contact Number
Switching to RBS 0800 068 5388
Current Accounts 0870 513 3550
Lending Queries 0800 404 9372
Business Overdraft Protection 0800 404 9374
Savings Queries 0800 404 9371
Franchise Queries 0800 092 9117
Lost or Stolen Credit Cards 01268 298 929
Telephone Banking Queries 08457 121 121
Online Banking Helpdesk 0845 600 8212

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