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Regions Bank Student Loans

Regions Bank Student Loans have attracted a large number of customers. Regions Bank helps you in providing the financial assistance for the students to pursue their higher education. Sallie Mae offers Smart option for student loans in Regions Bank. This option has many advantages such as to save money, build credit and payoff loans faster. Student Loans in Regions Bank provide highest benefit for the customers. At Regions Bank the minimum student loan limits amounts to $1,000 and they do not charge any disbursement or repayment fees. The loan servicing center can be reached by calling at 800-858-7822.

Regions Bank serves its operations in 16 states. You can use the calculators in order to determine your payments like how much amount they can borrow and how much they will have to return for your Regions Bank Student Loans. The bank offers predictable fixed payments. To find out more, you can visit the branches of the bank at the nearest locations. At Regions Bank one can get the chance to enjoy online checking for student loans. Student Loans offered to the people provide many benefits for the borrowers.

If you are facing any difficulty in making your loan payments then you can take the help of loan assistance program. Regions Bank has a team that is devoted to provide you help and also to choose for the best products. It is better if you choose a third party or counseling service while applying for loan. Regions Bank advices the customers to be aware of scams such as if you are charged any fee for providing any counseling service or modification of a loan.

Sallie Mae smart option is provided by Regions Bank to help the people in making payments. This option helps the students to save the money and pay off their loan faster. The student loan options at Regions Bank are available at low interest rates. Regions Bank's Student Loan Lending Department is devoted to provide the good loan type on easy term period. Sallie Mae Careers Training is the smart option chosen by many as it offers career option and vocational training schools.

You can make a call at 1-800-858-7822 to get more information or you can email at You can fill up the loan application form for this type of loan and you have to provide the lender code that is 810612. There are four types of student loans offered at Regions Bank and they are Federal Family Education Loan Program, Stafford Loans, Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Student and the Graduate PLUS Loan. You can fill up application form of the student loans as Regions Bank is still accepting the applications.

To know more in detail about the Regions Bank Student Loans and Loan Consolidation Program you can visit the official website of the bank.



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