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Regions Bank CD Rates

Regions Bank CD Rates are available at attractive deals. The Certificates of Deposit (CD) rates offered by Regions Bank are highly attractive and it has captured the minds of the customers. The rate offered on CDs at Regions Bank is available with a good term period. The bank has provided a leading quality service in the field of Certificate of Deposits (CDs). The bank representatives provide available resources on the banking products and services. CD Rates vary from one State to another. Like in Florida, the present CD rates might be different in Miami from some other areas.

At Regions Bank one can get a variety of CD products for your future help. To meet the expectations of the customers is the prime aim of the Bank. Regions Bank CDs are great option to save for your future. CDs are the highest yielding products which are also FDIC insured. Regions Bank offers you a flexible option for you to save and provides you total control. People of Tennessee believe in building up the relationship by maintaining the checking account for the eligible Relationship Pricing Rates. To find out the CD rates in your area you need to provide the zip code. CDs are offered at different term periods.

CD products are available only through Regions Bank branches that are located in Tennessee, Washington and Bristol countries. To get the available rates and terms you need to see the zip code for the specified bank locations. Depending upon your choices you can get to know more information on certificate of deposits CDs. The interest rates are fixed for the term period. Regions Bank does not require any monthly fee, minimum daily balance and statements for CDs. Get here an overview of the Regions Bank CD Rates. At LA in Shreveport, the bank offers CD at 2% rate on 3 and 6 months CD. Regions Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States. The Regions Bank headquarters is situated in Birmingham, Alabama and the various offices of the bank is located in the regions like Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas.

At Regions Bank, rates are fixed for the term periods for which CDs are issued. The better rates for CDs are offered in Florida wherein you get 2.5% APY for 9 months CD and 3% APY for 18 months CD. The minimum balance required to open CDs with the term periods 90 or longer is $500 and for CDs with the term period between 7-89 days is around $2,500. To get further available rates you need to provide the zip code. The money is locked at a competitive fixed rate and that shall provide you the expected returns. On the official website of Regions Bank you can get to know more about the money market rates, savings rates and CD rates.



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