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Regions Bank Routing Number

Regions Bank Routing Number is commonly referred to as Routing Transit Number or ABA number. To find out the routing number is the essential pre-requirement before you apply for the banking transaction overseas. The routing number is required at the time of making money transfer and online transactions. To get the routing number of Regions Bank for Florida, Miami, Montgomery, Mobile AL, Panama, Houston Texas, Birmingham AL and Huntsville you can visit the official website. Generally routing number is of nine digits. The routing number can be seen on the bottom left of the cheque. The routing number varies from one state to another. The routing number or transit number is assigned on the basis of different States in which the customers opened their account. The list below provides you the routing number of Regions Bank branches further based on States. The Routing Number of Regions Bank for different States is mentioned below:

State Routing Transit Number
Alabama AL: 062000019
Arkansas AR: 082000109
Florida FL: 063104668
Georgia GA: 061101375
Illinois IL: 071122661
Indiana IN: 074014213
Iowa IA: 073900438
Kentucky: 083901744
Louisiana LA: 065403626
Mississippi MS: 065305436
Missouri MO: 081001387
North Carolina NC: 053012029
South Carolina SC: 053201814
Tennessee TN: 064000017
Texas TX: 111900785
Virginia VA: 051009296

If you want to locate the Regions Bank Routing Transit Number then look at the bottom of your checks and deposit slips. The routing number differs from one state to another state. On the left hand side the routing number is given and it is of nine digits. For operating the function of wire transfer, it is necessary to provide the routing number.

For carrying out the Domestic (US) wire transfer at Regions Bank the routing number is 062005690. For the international wire transfer the routing number of the bank is UPNBUS44. If you are seeking to receive the wire transfer into the checking account then it is advisable that you should provide the routing number to the sender. The component of Routing Number constitutes nine digits i.e. like in this form XXXXYYYYC, the four XXXX is the symbol of Federal Reserve Routing Symbol; YYYY is symbolic of ABA Institution Identifier and C is the Check Digit.

The Regions Bank Locations covered by the bank includes Panama City, Pensacola, Miami, Knoxville, Memphis, Mufreesboro, Nashville, Chattanooga, Mississippi, MS, Jackson, Baton Rouge, Houston, Belleville and GA. In Alabama the geographical regions covered under this bank includes Huntsville, Birmingham, Mobile and Montgomery. On its official website one can easily find about the routing number of various areas covered under Regions Bank.



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