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Public Bank Malaysia Account

Public Bank introduces several accounts for different types of customers such as current, savings and deposit accounts. In order to activate your account, you just have to do withdrawal transaction at any branch of Public Bank Malaysia. After that you can view your account status the next day. The customer who does not possess ATM card or Joint account, the registration of your mobile number shall be made on the basis of your account holding branch. PAC ( Authentication Code) is required when you are performing transactions of fund transfer to own account, fund transfer to 3rd party accounts, making payment to third party accounts, account registration and maintenance.

Wise account is a sort of savings account that is meant for children between the age group of 4 to 12. The Bank pays you interest on your money while it is in the bank. ATM Cards are issued to the account holders of the bank. The various types of savings account are offered to the individual consumers that include Wise Savings Account, Plus Savings, 50 Plus Savings, SaveLink and Basic Savings Account.

Public Bank Account Checking

To view the account checking, Public Bank has option available that can be seen on the official website. The account checking can help you in finding out the transactions and the information related to the account status. provides you an option to check the real time account inquiry. The customers who hold a Public Bank Credit Card does not need any introducer to open a current account.

Public Bank Account Number

Public Bank Account Number signifies the code number that is usually assigned to the individuals when they issue new account. Generally the account number is necessary to access the account. The bank issues account number for its customers to keep a record and code of the individuals related to the accounts the bank owes. In Malaysia, only Public Bank has introduced the gold savings account or gold investment plans.

Generally the savings/current/FD account has the word format length 10 digit account number. For the credit card account, the word length is around 16 digits. Possessing Conventional/Islamic or Credit Card which includes Savings Account, Current Account, Loans, Hire Purchase Account can help you in getting registration for the online banking services.

The account type services are offered to the customers to possess online banking services. The personal, joint, sole proprietor, partnership and various other accounts are opened. If you desire to delete the account, you can delete it from the profile maintenance section "View/Delete Account". The details like Ace Account, Check Public Bank Account, Account Checking, Balance, Inquiry and Account Number can be viewed from the official website of Public Bank Malaysia.



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