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Public Bank Malaysia Customer Service

Public Bank Malaysia provides customer care support to satisfy the customers when they have queries and complaints to make. If you have certain queries or doubts regarding the banking or the financial services then you can contact the customer care support team. The bank tries to satisfy the needs of the individuals and tells them in brief about the investment plans or to maintain account in the bank that can maximize their investments. Very often the individuals tend to search for Public Bank customer service phone number. The customer service representative of the bank take queries and complaints and give higher importance to provide quality services to the Malaysian citizens.

Public Bank Malaysia Customer Service offers good quality services thereby satisfying the individual needs. Public Bank Malaysia provides opportunities for the individuals to know more about the banking operations apart from the information prescribed on the net. The customer services tend to provide you support system. This facility is available 24 hours daily and also including holidays. The customer service can equip you with the information related to the foreign exchange rate, forex, loans, accounts, current and savings account. The customer service is an easy way out for obtaining information related to the bank's operations. This can lend you an opportunity to get details regarding the products and the services being offered by this bank.

Public Bank Customer Service Phone Number

The telephone number through which you can contact the Public Bank Malaysia is provided to help you at larger range. The customer service number can help the individuals to acquire the information relevant to the bank (1-800-22-5555).You can also email your queries or questions to find the information on the bank's services ( The operating hours for the customer service is from 6 am to 12 midnight daily and also including holidays. The provides information related to the services being offered by them. The informational services related to account information and cheque book requests can be accessed 24 hours daily and also 7 days in a week. If the customers choose to contact the Customer Services Department then they can contact on this number 1-800-88-3318 or they can email too.



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