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Public Bank Malaysia Berhad

Public Bank Berhad is a premier bank based in Malaysia. Public Bank headquarters (hq) is situated in Malaysia. The logo of the bank includes two octagons being interlocked which suggest domestic and international operations of the bank. This bank also provides scope for various career growths. This bank offers current accounts, savings account and wise account for the customers to choose the account that will best serve their basic needs. The bank also provides annual report yearly such as annual report 2008, 2009 and so on, which displays revenues, profit or loss statement.

The different kinds of loans being offered by the Public Bank Berhad or Bhd include home loan, personal loan and car loan. It also offers grants and personal loans to the eligible customers. The various locations of the bank in Malaysia include Inanam, Johor Bahru, Kuching, Kuala Lumpur, Kelana Jaya, Kota Kinabalu, Klang, Kota Bharu, Labuan, Miri, Penang and Puchong. To find out the Public Bank Berhad address or contact number is the chief concern of the customers. A number of job vacancies can also be founded with the bank.

Public Bank Berhad Swift Code

Public Bank Berhad Swift Code is necessary when you are required to receive or send money overseas and the code of the bank is PBBEMYKL. Generally the swift code for the Public Bank is PBBEMYKLXXX and this XXX denotes the branch of the bank. Though earlier swift code is enough but if you enter the later code it tells you specifically the branches of the bank. In Malaysia, swift codes are used to identify the banks.

Public Bank Berhad Online Banking

There is also provision of online banking services being offered by Public Bank Berhad. Online banking means e banking as well as internet banking. It also provides customer service to the customers who face difficulty or to satisfy their grievances thereby providing them solution to their queries. The official website provides foreign exchange rates as it updates daily information.

From the website you can acquire information on gold price, gold investment share price, credit card transaction and application, cards, loans, forex, press release, main highlights, investment, insurance, security documents, fixed deposit rate, history, ATM branch and many more dimensions related to the operations of the Public Bank in Malaysia. Internet banking login can be made by providing user ID and password and after that you can view the transactions or the bank accounts. This bank has been given recognition by the customers as the most efficient bank that is leading in Malaysia.



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