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M&T Bank Routing Number

M&T Bank routing number is also known as ABA (American Bankers Association) number. It is a numerical 9 digit bank code assigned to all the financial institutes in the US. One can easily find out this secret bank code on the bottom of the negotiable instruments such as checks, deposit slips, etc. The Mandtbank routing number helps the customers to track or route the financial institution at the time of making an electronic payment or transaction.

The M and T Bank routing number can be classified into three routing numbers according to the regions and the purposes of its use. They are:

022000046 - New York State (NYS)
031302955 - Delaware and Pennsylvania (PA)
052000113 - Maryland (MD), Washington D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia

These above routing numbers are applicable for cities like Baltimore, Buffalo, New Hartford, Binghamton, etc. To get more information on M&T Bank routing number, the customers can visit the nearest banking center or login to their official website. The "FAQs" link on the homepage of bank' official website can also provide the bank's ABA/routing numbers to the customers.

The M&T routing number for all domestic wire transfer is 022000046. And the bank routing/ABA number for direct deposit is 052000113. The M&T Bank domestic wire transfer fee is $30.00. The fees for domestic wire transfer funds are different from those for international wire transfers. To obtain more information about the fees customers can visit the local M&T Bank office.

M&T Bank Swift Code

M&T Bank also provides international wire transfer of funds to those who reside overseas. The customers can also transfer money to their M&T Bank account from a foreign location. However, the clients should provide the depository bank with the correct information about the beneficiary name, account number and the M&T Bank Swift Code and CHIPS/ABA for identification. The M and T Bank SWIFT Code and CHIPS/ABA for international wire transfers are given below.


The customers can visit the M&T Bank branch for funds wire transfer to an international or domestic bank account. Moreover, for international fund transfer the clients should know the Swift Code and CHIPS/ABA whereas for domestic (within the US) wire transfer the routing/ABA number is a must. The company also charges $30.00 for domestic and $40.00 for international wire transfers.

For further information on M&T Bank routing number and swift code, one can visit the nearest banking center or log in to the bank's official website.



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