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M&T Bank Customer Service

M&T Bank customer service is always there for the citizens to help in their needs. This financial institute also strives and looks for the best and tries to satisfy the customers in every works and services related to the banking activities. The bank also has a special Service Recognition Program designed for the employees, who did an excellent service to the customers for bringing the expectations and satisfactions of the customers at the time of working. So, the company takes review and survey for the best employees who have been nominated by the customers.

The clients can contact the Mandtbank customer service number to get the answers for the questions they asked. The employeed also support the customers and work hard to bring good relations between the M&T Bank Corporation and the clients.

Mandtbank customer service can be reached by telephone, mail, fax, email and in person. The bank also provides special online services to the customers who want to take help about the products and services offered by the bank. The company also accepts complaints from the customers about the services and products to find out the feedback from the M&T Bank Corporation. Some of the important M&T mailing addresses along with the fax numbers and headquarters address are given below.

Headquarters Address
One M&T Plaza
Buffalo, NY 14203
Fax Number: 716-842-5839

M&T Bank Installment Loan Payments

M&T Bank
P.O. Box 62082
Baltimore, MD 21264

M&T Bank
P.O. Box 62085
Baltimore, MD 21264

M&T Bank Home Equity Payments
M&T Bank
P.O. Box 62146
Baltimore, MD 21264

M&T Commercial Mortgage Payments
M&T Bank
P.O. Box 4560
Buffalo, NY 14203

M&T Line of Credit Payments
M&T Bank
P.O. Box 62146
Baltimore, MD 21264-2146

M&T Bank, N.A. Home Equity Payments
M&T Bank, N.A.
P.O. Box 62146
Baltimore, MD 21264-2146

M&T Mortgage Payments
M&T Bank
P.O. Box 62182
Baltimore, MD 21264

Mortgage Office
One Fountain Plaza 5th Floor
Buffalo, New York 14203
Fax Number: 716-848-3797

M and T Bank Customer Service Phone Number

M&T Bank has different telephone numbers for different products and services. Mandtbank phone number is the easiest way for the customers to contact the customer service representatives during emergency. M and T Bank customer care service numbers for different products along with the timings to contact the respective service departments are given below.

General Service: 1-800-724-2440

Monday - Friday: 6:00am-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Online Banking: 1-800-790-9130

Monday - Friday: 8:00am-9:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Business: 1-800-724-6070

Monday - Friday: 7:00am-7:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Mortgage: 1-800-724-2224

Here is a list of phone numbers for different products and services, which can serve the purpose of a mini telephone directory.

Replace Check Card/Select a Different Card Design: 1-800-724-1552

To Report Lost or Stolen/Replace Damaged Cards: 1-800-724-1552

Checking/Savings & CDs: 1-800-724-2440

T.D.D. for the Hearing Impaired: 1-800-724-1930

Health Savings Account (HSA): 1-877-682-4721

Home Equity Applications: 1-800-724-8214

Home Equity Closing: 1-800-724-7555

Home Equity Servicing: 1-800-724-6444

Residential Loan Originations: 1-800-724-7575

Residential Loan Servicing: 1-800-724-2224

Educational Lending: 1-800-724-3222

Student Loan NY (NELNET): 1-888-486-4722

Student Loan (PHEAA): 1-800-692-7392

Auto Loan Finance (only for dealers): 1-800-353-4855

Insurance: 1-800-350-9285 Insurance

Investment: 1-800-836-2211 (for Group Funds)

: 1-800-724-7788 (M&T Securities)

Business Banking Telephone Center: 1-800-724-6070

Treasury Management & Merchant Customer Services: 1-800-724-2240

ACH/Direct Deposit: 1-800-724-2425

For further information on M&T Bank customer service and phone number, customers can visit the nearest banking center or log in to their official website.



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